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Hello journal? What you've been upto since we last logged in? Not much? That's ok. Have I got a story to tell you! I went to a distant town to get away from the vibes and grind of the city. I took my mother with me. We stopped a Denny's and ate there. When I got to where I was going, I went to the plaza immediately to see if the wallet that I wanted was still there. It was. I did not really need a wallet. I don't know why I would want a new wallet? But this one was rawhide lather. I just had to have one of those. But the lady wanted 50 dollars. I thought that was too much for something I didn't need. I saught the Lord to deal with my covetous bug. I went into a nearby shop to find the 'alternative' wallet which would be a bargain and take care of 'me'. I found one on clearance at 50% off. But it was pink. I couldn't buy that at any price. That was for women. So I took my soul to the next shop and they didn't see wallets there. Still having a lead rope of guilt around my neck. Looking for someting to 'satisfy' me. Next shop was more prosperous. I found a wallet of raw-hide leather. Wonderful. Not quite. It had a religious metal icon engraved on the wallet. I did not know what to to do. I took it up and put it down. I was weary and in the snare so I bought it. I also went back and bought the pink one for my mother. Couldn't pass the deal on any color. I ended up spending a whole lot's of money for many things. I wondered what happened to the bargain. But my heart was heavy. I wanted to to finish the day thanking God for all his 'goodies'. I thought about the religious icon on my wallet now. I wondered if I would stumble anyone who saw it. On the way my mother was quibbling on the phone about some money matters which it offended me, Mr. 'good'. But I finally took the matter to the Lord and told him what had happened. And he pointed out just how much I had quibbled with him about the price of the wallet. And if I thought the religious icon on the wallet was a problem for me, I should really take a look and how I worship my dollars bills. If I had really a clean heart I should have bought the expensive wallet at any price and given him thanks. But he let this happen to see how I have a plank in my own eye and stop thinking of how others think about their religious icons, which was really non of my business. And now we have a wallet but no money. But the comfort comes that we perhaps learned some wisdom out of this visit to a distant town to get out of the grind of my city. May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

When we take a good hard look at a blog like this we re-examine what sin is and what is real idolatry. Perhaps we don't go to the pagan temple or the one I think one is. But we examine the pagan temple of the self and self worship what are its pet sins that we think are not as bad as the rest which others commit. Taking a good hard look at judging and measuring others and never really understanding what God sees when he sees us without the cross.

I'm really feeling blessed I wrote this blog. Perhaps to examine double stardard religion. But perhaps not even that. Just to look intently at how I am really put together. And see that I'm just as good as sinner as anyone you ever met or perhaps you did not want to meet. The Lord blessed me so abudantly for this blog. I just pray I've done his will. May you be blessed. Amen.


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