Money I need, but is the gift to the mind, soul and body?!...

Thank you Dave for prayin' for my Son! And sometimes prayer takes you further than money...ouch! And I am one who like to have some! And but if we have hope and peace then everything else we can buy or borrow or we can study get a degree and make money and then realize we needed is not be lonely and have hope and peace!... Moses led the Children of Israel 40 years in the wilderness tossin' and making turns and U' turns and then realize that come home was all they wanted and then Moses couldn't and Joshua a type of Jesus led them to where they really needed to go and get what they really wanted name hope and peace and a real chance to smile at something that really perdures than the leek and melons they thought they missed so much back in Egypt!... And if some gives us hope and peace we would not jeopardize the new blessing by stickin' to the old sins an old ways of self! And if we want to go forward we want to enmbrace the new people and a new way of life and not bring again what made us poor and miserable before!... Love Frank thbg

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