News Flash!!! Depression is connected to unsharing...!!!

News Flash!!! Depression is a result of being unsharing... !!! Have you had the occurrence that someone caters you to something great, then there's a fight and then depression!!! And the new discovery is that giving is more happy than to be given!!! Now that is hard to believe!!! I like to entertained and abound in recieving, but I noticed that there is an emptiness afterwards!!! Now when we are depressed, give some poor soul something of yourself, a little of what you have and see that something wonderful happens afterwards!!! You may see a great movie, have a great kind chat with someone or you get a call from new freind you been meaning to meet and say hi!!! This are just something that could happen!!! And any exciting thing can happen after you give a dollar to a homeless, cook a nice dinner to your hubby, or just be kind and greet someone for no reason at all...!!! Examine the results of this phenomenon!!! We will get into this more later!!! But for now greet the person in the room with you and ask them how is life treating them???... This is biblical but we will get into the meat of the deal later and see where this is all coming from!!! Many blessing for now and share a little and cheer alot!!! just-for-fun ...thbg

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