Nice things do happen and if we pray for them more will...!!!

Now I went to store in my country called SAMs and they them catered us to breakfast there!!! I don't know what was the occassion there, if perhaps just to give some prizes away and make new freinds and customers!!!... But those extend a hand are sure to bring something back with they bring it back to themselves!!! And we want to get away from the clutched fist which does not give and or receive anything on it!!!... Now the bible says that good thing will happen to those who has sympathy for the weak and poor!!! And it has never been a mystery to man that being good to others is being good to yourself!!!... Now we are reaching new freinds like you in the far fringes of life, thanks to God and his good grace which affords the technology to reach and meet you!!!... And we want to get away from the misconceptions about what been told and taugh about wrong things about God!!! And it's a Pronto! to get the real facts!!!... I think in China they have now what they call the year of the tiger!!! And that is wonderful to be like a tiger and meet life's challenges in a bold tiger way and we need to get the facts!!!... We can't take what we've told and trust on that!!! Yesterdays solutions do not solve today's problems!!! And we in a bold tiger new way want to extend our hand and reach to heaven to touch the things of heaven!!! And this is not dream but a sure possibility!!!... Now we know that we are here to promote the word of God and God wants to set you free and into the freedom of Eternal life and communion with the Creator of your twinklin little nose and every bird that flies in your sky!!!... And he want nothing else but you and you friendship and he is not arrogant like you heard of being misled in thought to think!!! Set apart yourself for him today and see the beauty and freedom that comes from the truth!!! May you be set free today!!! And may you have the most wonderful day to know the truth!!!... May you be blessed. Amen. just-for-fun ...thbg

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