Nite Chat! Back to the One-Eyed Dream!...

It's time for Nite Chat! Turn that back-ground piano music soft! And let our imagination take us for a little while and let the spirit re-tell a story perhaps you've heard before or heard other versions! And perhaps the spirit may tell a whole new story for you!... "...The older members of the audience gathered back against the walls, enjoying the spectacle and the excitement of the mountaineers' show. Some laughed, most clapped their hands in time to the new rhythm and jaunty sound produced by the Mexican musicians. Some of the young caballeros had started to object to the mountain men dominating their young ladies... " "...The scowling Mexican males were swept aside, back against the wall to sulk in private. Some gathered in dark conference at the whiskey table..." This on page 223 in the book One-Eyed Dream! And where does the gospel go from here?! And how do you think the leaders of law of Jerusalem and Pharisees and High Priest attendants responded to the news that someone from Nazarett claimed to be the Son of God and even the God himself and found him self in a scene like the one above, a saloon in Jerusalem?!... And what is how this God find himself surrounded by drunks and tax-collectors nd' you know what type of young ladies?!... What gall to call himself the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! Would you think he got his credential a little wrong to say the least?!... And this sounds like a bad dream! I would suppose that is what Daniel was seein' in the vision of some person who did exalt himself above the Sons of God and Blasphemegly was like a monser findin' God eatin' and drinkin' with the worst of the scum of the earth sinners!... And would you think if for some reason you saw some come out of a those places where they...women for rent thing...and someone from there said he was God?!... You have that person committed instantly and then in the morning crucified! And what type of God is Jesus?! Is he a sinner like they said because he ate and drank with sinners?!... And what is your conjecture?! Do find God where? At the Temple ministering the daily sacrifice? At the mess hall feeding the widows? Is he where in your conjecture? Perhaps head office at the Vatican or the High Pries Rabbi at the Temple Mount figthting to get it back?!... And yet God so holy nobody is able unlatch his sandals?! And the question is what is your portrait of Jesus like?!... Love Frank thbg


Someone with a heart of giving and many times alone, yet not alone! God in our heart! One willing to heal! To fellowship! To share testimony of God! Rejoicing during times of persecution! We may find Him , for example, a couple months back -a rejected man(will never forget the dude) at a Denver bus station thankful for the stranger who gave him coffee and read him Scripture and both being blessed! More often than not, I see man at the pulpit! Thanks for another insightful message Brother Frank! God Bless you and your family mightily! Dave

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Sittin' here with the PRETTY people at Starbucks! To Jesus those who need him are particularly PRETTY! And those who smile at him BEAUTIFUL! And those who believe him they are INVITED! And those who perservere just plain HIS CUP OF TEA!...




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