Nite Chat: God's Problem and Real and Abstract Analysis!...

And for those who know us we know that we don't know what subject we will take on! Well first a lite moment! I tellin' a reference librarian that symbols convey a message but it take a "Cymball...!" for someone to get the message!... And sometime it takes a whale of a message to get message across and that is not well cow business, you know paddie! Sorry! Well I'm lookin' at a book I got for one dollar and the unofficial title is 'God's Problem' and it make a declaration: How the bible fails to answer our most important question? Why we suffer!?... Hold that thought and let take another book I checked from the Community College Library called 'Basic and Real Analysis' and well it is complex!... And this latter book should be for engineers and scientist and phycisists and mathemateticians and the like! And why did not we get a book for you know Lawyers and one for Politician?! And I don't know! We don't want to suffer tonite!... Real and Abstract Analysis?! Your college student open ears! You will never hear this kind of stuff again from any professor you ever met! Because here with us is Professor God! Let turn there in bible!... ["...1.John 3:2 (Whole Chapter) The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him..."] And rightly said a Teacher and second right "Except God with him..." and yet Nicodemos did not know what he was saying! Though he said it! How so?!... John 1:1... ["...In the beginnin' was the Word and the Word was with God and the word was God!..." And it took me half an hour to browse the first two passages and the third one I just as can tell by the lingo typed out of King James!... And the first lesson was not a physical teacher who came out of the suburbs of Gailee and suddenly decide he knew somethin' and thought to make a name for himself by proclaimin' what he knew and nothin' to do with who he was to come next!... And the Pharisee perhaps wanted to make points said, you probably are teacher come from God, because you can do miracles! Is miracle the merit of the truth?! Do those who know the truth do miracles of themselves?!... When Peter healed the Parapedlic he said I did not do this miracle but the man you Crucified name Christ!... And those in the world we like to know or believe we know somethin' and its' frankly terrifying when we have a problem and we run of ideas, clever or not!... And then we begin to say it will take a miracle to come out of this!... And about Abastract and Real Analysis, you don't combine the certain with probality of the uncertain! And that what this college dumbo book does, mix real numbers with abstract probality! And the real intent of Satan is to hid the truth, that positivistic real present analysis and evaluation and positive stance can alter the sequence of what the future brings!... And if you save it is likely 70% probable your bank won't cheat you overnite of your 25 dollar savin's deposit! But you have to be real and do it and not think about and postpone it to the abstract world of what tommorrow may bring!... And God has given us a porthole by which we can to some degree plan what tommorrow will be like! Maybe 50-50 chance! The element of abastrac is the devil to postpone, confuse, put aside, dismiss, deny, put out of mind, drink off, or s*x off your problems, which is form of not facin' your problem and tellin' God about what does he think we should do!... Perhaps there was and is a problem you are not aware of, but you have asked God about it, have you? And that is why we suffer, we don't tell him our problems! Because we persume to say what does this figment of Judaism have to do with me not havin' a job of this incideous illness that drive me pecan nuts!?... And the bible tells that the Word was God and not just a Teacher sent by or come from God! And the real problem about your abstract worries which are very really keepin' you awake at night! But let's finish with a question we want to ask?! Can we ask for REAL solutions from a character that is really ABSTRACT to us?!... And Jesus told them a parable that men and women and children should always pray and NOT LOOSE HEART! Put God in the REAL folder of your heart because that where the answer to your problem is!... Many a' Blessin's thbg ...end of Nite Chat!

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