Nite Chat: The Solo Solution!...

I stood betwixed wether to do somethin'? I wanted to do somethin' but I couldn't take my mother with me! It was a solo solution where I would accomplish my purposes if I saw myself doin' it by myself! And then when it became clear to go to that place I said to my mother would you like to go to such and such place?!... And as I look at my would be freind when they log in by themselves and all their other freinds are not there who give them and us comfort it is more close to what judgement seat will be like all alone with the chat with the Lord which may turn out to be the last one in your life as you head to hell!... And we must stand sure that what we believe is sincere and not a conversation to keep our freinds! Who too will have a Solo Tai Chi with the Lord! And Satan will be there to accuse me of my hypocracy!... And Satan knowin' he on his way to hell will like to take some people with him to keep him company in hell! And Satan knows that the hardest performance is the Solo Act! And the Church will not be with you and won't know you are missin' until they do see you in heaven!... And we have fine communion with our freinds and entertain such wonderful Seminary ideas that our freinds but with the Lord the he will not be comfort freind unless I'm also a freind to the truth!... And I may say I speak and proclaim the truth! But have we asked what if I'm mistaken just to have company to keep me with traditional church ideas and we would not endure to make waves and have our freinds shun us!... Now we are doin' quite good with 87 freinds in this hemisphere who believe God and we have tried them with the hardest questions about grace and yet they are with us! They couldn't know how lucky we are to be offended at bein' told what is true and trust worthy!... thbg


We can not go this life alone. It requires God and He says to fellowship, as well! thanks for this heads up blog Brother Frank and God Bless you mightily! Dave

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thanks Dave for your fine comment! I was listenin' to an oldie from way back old! And Jesus said that if anyone give up his life for me he will find it again! In a more mighty way than before! Now what we lost will come back as a God Sent wrapped in Vermillion Ribbons, color of Royalty and Nobles in High Places!...



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