Nitie night and will a new mornin' come around?!...

I was listenin' to a polka song lyric in spanish radio station that went, "goin' up...goin' down, forward or back, where do the dead go, we really do not know...mmm...mmm" And yet in Eccliestest or something like that! We it ask the question the spirit go up or does it go down?! Does it go to God or down in the dark world?!... After we are dead that is! And my folklore has a sayin' money is an answers for everythin'g and the other is that there a twist and trick to figure yourself out of anythin' but not from death!... But I yet I correct them Jesus is the answer for death, because those who put their trust in him have will never have a problem with in near or far death!... And I recently has a difficult trial where my trust in God was on the line! I wanted something really bad and had the though that the grace of God was with me to accomplish my desire and no matter how counter advice I recieved I ended up spentin' lot of money, effort and mental enery and did not accomplish my purpose!... And I had the most trouble with this because I felt my close friend God had abandoned me! And I said to God if this is the way it's goin' to be with I will not be able to trust you with what I tell your people about you!!!... And spend hours thinkin' and prayin' and me though talkin'! And finally I said, might as well quit! Well I just take a vacation and don't worry about no more gospel business!... Like if God needed me! And then God had mercy on me and I remembered the trouble of Moses as he was blocked by the Red Sea and God told him to raise his rod and so let the Sea Waters part!... And I realize that I wasn't givin' my problem to God! I wanted God to come down in the spirit and I would in some way figure the solution! And not so buddy! I had to raise my problem to God and give to him! And then I felt lonely because suddenly was there an empty nest-no problem!... And I realized many things after that I hadn't confessed that I had made my God my servant to take care of all my needs and problems n' desires and dreams and toys and whim!... But...But... But look closely God I realize was not my helper he was my everything worth livin' for! A reason for mournin' and for tears' and for joy and for thanks, and for wakin' up in the mornin thankin him and thankin' him for everythin' before I turn in for the nigh every night!... And I hope you see the difference and yet like Job I made the same mistake askin' account of God for his actions in my life! And I demanded of God whether I could trust him?! And I ...well then that I needed God...!

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Brother Frank, thanks for this blog. I do understand the frustrations we have when we want our prayers answered and we want our desires met, well almost immediately, but didn't get it ! :mrgreen::doh::mrgreen:

Too many of us including myself have made this mistake. We serve God and bid His will, not He serves us and do what we want and when we want it. He is God and not our servant, not a wishing well or someone who gives us our whim and fancy as and when we fancy them.

Let God be God and we His children. If He delays the answer to our prayers, I also find that there is always a good reason for it. Maybe there is something better coming soon and we don't know about it, maybe it is not the right one or right time yet. He alone knows all the reasons, but we must trust that He knows and sees all things in this world and He will not withhold all good things from His children.:princess::baby::studying::teach::headbanger::pray::wink::eek::mrgreen:

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen


Thanks for sharing, Brother Frank! You and Hwa have stated this well about us being His servant-not the opposite! God answers our prayers His way! I know I get a bit hurryupish with my prayer requests! He is God and He answers perfectly on His clock! Keep on a preachin' Brother Frank and God Bless you richly! Dave

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you all you kind friends 'Silver' and Dave! Thanks for givin' me comfor in this that I'm not into this all alone! And I was really lost for a while and and and I thought and say to God if you love you do what I ask! And the epitome of error forgettin' to know we can trust him to know our needs before we ask him! Thanks for tunin' and commentin' on this topic we can get a turned around!...



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