One Differnt Sunday Sabbath! The Towel and the Tower!...

The Devil you know how he so pressin' always his luck! Took Jesus to a High Tower and told him hail the king, you can have it all and plus you can throw yourself down adn you servants even my servant the angel will no let you get hurt!... And he always takin' chances with God! And can the devil nevr' learn how patient and how holy God is?!... And yet for those who had communion service today perhaps and know you did not have the Towel Foot Washing Ceremony!... And takin' my place at the line to get my orange juice in the line to serve myself and enjoy my Menudo, my mother sitted at the table!... And there was this woman n' front of my sendin' text messages with tongue and would not quit so I could get to teh bottle of orange juice and be on my way to my Menudo and enjoy my Sunday Sabbath Brunch!... And I said something no so Christian n' my heart adn just went around the table to get to the juice from the other side of the table where someone servin' supposed maybe needed there!... And I...I said juice...juice...milk...milk...who want any? And everyone formed a line for me to serve them their cup of juice and or cup of milk!... That went on for twenty minutes and reordered more juice and more cup and then I was in in charge of that department! And one of them're doin' good keep up the good work!... And then I finally got to my Menudo and the little Character who was sittin in from of us was a five year old boy enjoyin' his...pancakes! And he was the first one I served orange juice back on the juice line...he quieetly enjoyin his meal there!... And then he finished his pancakes and went to the kitchen a wanted and got some Menudo...copycat person!... The Lord said you know he may not only copy you Menudo selection but see you handlin' the Juice decanter and serving people cheerfully and you know...maybe now you know why the devil hates you!... You are makin' decipiles just out of toilet training and just off the cribb who want to copy you in more way than you think or imagine!... And may have a happy Sunday Sabbath Communion Service!... Love Frank thbg


Amen and amen Brother Frank! The Lord Is worthy! God Bless you! Dave

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