One message from hell I should not believe...!!!

Now I had curious thought from hell today...!!! I got up on the wrong side of the bed today, and lately I've been having a recurring thought during the morning, and am having a hard time getting started each day!!! The thought is that I will run out of things to eat and things to wear and things to drink... And I know this is perfectly not true. And if I was in need, that would be a correct thought and I would worry!!! But why do it in all the abundance we, I have such poverty in though in heart?... And in the bible it tell the story of a group of people, a church if you will, who said "I need nothing...I have everything...!" And God said that this Church called Laodicean, were poor, depressed, wretched, naked and blind!!! Now how can you be in more need than this???... But I have this worm in my heart that eats away all the faith God puts in my heart and eats all of all the peace and confidence to trust that God will take care of me!!!... Now why do we recieve this signal from Satan, begrudging the peace and kindness I want to share with others, once the peace and kindness come to me?!!!... All the nutritrion in the spirit that God gives is eaten away by this worm that lies in my heart!!! Perhaps I should fast and turn again to trust God to help believe in him again!!!... We, I won't grow if I don't learn to trust God and grow in trusting him!!! The pantry is still full, the ref is still full, the gas tank in my car is full and everything is full, but I'm full in unbelief!!!... Please pray that we turn from this reception of the incedious thought to think that we don't have anything to share... May you be blessed. Amen. just-for-fun ...thbg

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