One more thing...

One more thing. I open my bible late at night and tune in to my private journal and listen to the cold outside and what that is telling. Or perhaps the stars bright in the amber sky shining away into the night and what they are telling. Paul says to God that the heavens declare your glory. What a wonderful spectacle to believe God! What can compare with that blessing? I search the tiny luminaries in the canopy above. What a presence! We turn to Romans 5:6 for night-cap and see what last thing the Lord want to tell us before this day culminates its journey for this day. It says, "You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ dies for the ungodly..." How many watts does a nebula need to send it light for years in space and reach us and light our sky? But who has ever heard of cleaning your enemies shoes? or washing his car? Who would think of ever dying for someone who hates us so intensely? Not many. But this soverieng Prince who is all in class all by himself. Thought it out. Waited it out. Walked it out. And died it out for us while we loved who know who or what! It easy to pass the the enourmous comtemplation of what it took for someone to pay for the sins of all the world who hated him, reviled him, mocked him, spit on him and slap and hit him with our fists! But nothing is so impossible for our father glorious. What a night-cap this is? It must be pure kentucky 80 proof! I'm drunk with this joy and rejoicing! Now I made a mistake. I won't be able to sleep just to think of this wonder! So beware of night-cap of God father glorious word. He can put you dancing at any time of the day for sheer joy of the gospel. May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

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