Palladian Yellow revisited!...

"Young Cassandra is alone in the world, her father has just died. When she goes to Cropthorne Manor, its weary facade and crumbling statues are all the she could hope for..." And this is rederin' at the back of the book "Palladian Yellow" and i just can get away from the idea of the two on the road to Emmaus and Jesus is with them! And they tell him hoe low he is on news! And they tell him how dissappointed they are to know the only thing they remember of him, is him a crumbling statue some where or hangin' on crucifix some where else!... And Jesus really troubled with them, how could they believe he had already gone to heaven and back!... And is Jesus Christmas a little child in a Meanger! And certainly we celebate him and tell the little one to thank Santa for all the gifts which a reindeer, a creature of God, pulled the sled which man built all by himself!... And how dissappointed are we that we don't understand that the scripture said that the Messiah should suffer to pay for our sin?!... Love Frank thbg

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Lookin' into another book called "Forward the Foundation" and this book those in Science Fiction look to the future to the warp engine to escape to another planet or universe and we have another interlude between Cain and Able who fight over a secret weapon that can mean the difference between life and death and disaster and victory!...

And some still want to take control of religion and stipulate who can be saved and what do we have to do to get to Salvation Planet or Kingdom Universe called Heaven!...

And the Secret Weapon called Christ is kept in a golden kript on to be taken out when the occassio is right! And then we put back away God till' a more convenient time come to let him known and save only our relatives and freinds and those few who seem and look worthy of him!...




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