Reclaiming my place!...

I forced my eyelids open as the Pastor lingered on with point and after point, referrence and after referrence, and I tried to looked interested! I asked God, "Was this all necessary...?"... I thought I could rebunk every point this Pastor or would be Pastor made! But then I was led in the spirit to keep the unity of the spirit in this matter!... And even if I explained everything flawlessly, would anyone believe me? Can any believe God on their own strength?!... And as I vowed with my heart to get even, but then I thought, remember in the movie Avatar, when the alien girl is just about to zap 'Jack' with the bow and arrow, and the little light butterfly lands on the tip of the drawn arrow and the girl gets the message, "This is not the way...!" Perhaps my patience can draw more attention than my drawn argument, righteous argument?!... And perhaps foolish, I should rather pray for those who contend with what I believe and pray for a good day to come upon them! Foolish me! Foolish! I should known better by now!... This pastor told a story of how her Jewish daughter-in-law has it all wrong about Christ! If he only knew how I felt how mistaken I felt, he was about the gospel himself!... I'm just glad God showed me, I was acting like a little child, not able to distinguish right from wrong yet!... And yet the sermon was about me, and see if I would pray for someone who thought he was doing God a service!... Blessings. Amen. thbg


I've done this more than a few times! Thanks for posting this experience! God Bless you Brother Thbg! Dave

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you 'child' for your kind comment and blessing! And yet the day after, I still think, perhaps I should of done this or that?! I don't like defeats! And yet I think I hadn't accomplished anything that day but to keep 'the bond of peace' and 'unity of the spirit', and it was an expensive price we paid for that peace and that unity! I just pray that God shows us the maybe we've done something right to make us feel good and carry on!...

Thanks Dave for your amen to this matter...God bless you and all your loved ones!...


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