Rise and Shine sleepy head...

It's 5:51 AM in my town. I turn on my web-browser and ipod to take a sip of my coffee and think about the new day. I love this time of the day or morning. Before sunrise. What reflections do we have today? For one we have 12 year old Jesus inquiring the Pharisees and teachers of the law and what they should Know best the law. Who know is by then Jesus had concept of the cross that was reserved for him. But he told his anxious parents, " Shouldn't I go about my father's business...?" But he was submissive to them, for he knew the law and respected his parents. So how is it today for this morning. This happens to be a wonderful morning day. Today we come to know of Jesus for some us and for me because he make himself new to me every day. It is just when I go blind that I just miss the whole point and think foolishly. Another reflection, Jesus goes now not to the temple but the land of Gaderenes where he is met by two men who are possesed by evil spirits. And they tell him, " I know who you are...!" "Have you come to torture us before the time..? What is you name? He asks them. And they answer "Legion because we are many...!" When Jesus was a boy, I don't know how aware he was of things. He tells the Pharisees in some place in some heated discourse, " You are of your father the devil...!" This are not happy new for this new day morning monday! But the good news is the dominion God has over his environment, as boy and as man. In John 2 Jesus changes the water to wine. Yes dominion, God Jesus and then he goes on to cleanse the Temple with whip of cords. Yes the good news today, sleepy soul and wishy person is that God has dominion. As boy, as man, over demons and man, why making wine of your monday is no problem for him. So raise you hope and give thanks God is going to do good things for you today. Call upon him today! Those who call upon the name of the Lord will NEVER be put to shame! Make that call! Its toll free! Open 24/7! You won't be disappointed! Amen. thbg

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you for you kind comment and Amen grandamabruce1955. But it is not all well for my ex-wife, in Nebraska, she is in the hospital in serious condition. Please pray for her to join us in our "Rise and Shine" celebration. We know and we rejoice that all things are possible for God and that should make us Rise and Shine! May you have a wonderful Monday, Tuesday, Wenesday...Amen.


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