So I did not get the "Kondo-Dragon" but a "Pike's Peak"!...

When I read the word 'Kondo' I thought about the word 'Condo or Condonimium' and thought that would be nice somehow locked away in my little life with probably all my indulgence and my money! And the in a locked community I would be locked safe away apart from everybody else!... And I thought about the word 'Conditions' and what conditions I have to me to have my 'Condo'?! And that i thought about the word 'Condemnation' being locked away I hell with no exsisting key to get out?!... And the name of the brew is 'Kondo Dragon' and the thought of being locked away in a locked community living with Dragon, -the Devil and his emmisseraies who hate you really because you are creared in God's Image?!... Ans there is no redemption for devils and there is no Sacrifice for them, as Jesus is the opportunity for us!... Ans the only chance devils have is to turn into angels of light and work their way into heaven and the word hold that the wages of sin is death and they would have you believe that you are 'such an angel' really!... Love Frank thbg


Yes the wage of sin is death-quite the toll to pay, ! Whereas, grace is given freely! Thanks for another insightful message, Brother Frank and God Bless you mightily! Dave

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

That's right kind Dave that death is a high price to pay the toll to join the privilidged community of the damned! And we unlucky one worrying about how wonderful and what will we do with the glory of eterninity to live with someone in glory who want to bother you and and just want to consent every desire of your and heart and take every tear from you eyes...can't understand wht' to do? To be Kondo or Pike today?!...

Thanks Dave! Greet all those your in Wyoming! Some like them may not even know God is thinking how to bless those in Wyoming for your sake!...




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