Some peace or lots of peace after the storm!...

After practically terrified after what happen to us before and we could not tell it again! And we trusted in God for the wrong reasons! And is faith when we trust for the wrong reasons! And what if we put God to the test with what we want to do! And perhaps it is against our wisdom! And perhaps we do or we want to do something for all the moral reasons like avoidin' havin' an abortion!... But what are the real term of bringin' a child to the world and wantin' him little have some decent possibility of a decent livin'! What if it is not possible in present term to forsee a decent livin' for an unborn child! And I would say to some who wanted to terminate a pregnacy!... And I would say shame on you! But what if it was someone dear to me that found it expedienc to make an type of wrong decision! Wouldn't I say well no body is perfect! And we are only human! And we cannot perform miracles like deliver a child in the street because our society well thinks that some poor teenager pregnacy is 'her baby' and excuse the pun!... Am I not a hypocrite when I have a set of rule for the teenager of someone else family and a whole different string of allowance for someone in my own family or even myself if I was faced with a pregnacy dilema! What if it was totally foolish that we got pregnant! Does God stop Biology because we did not intend to become pregnant or make any type typically human mistake!! And well...I really don't...but God for some difficult decision God says that men and women and children and yes teenagers should always pray and not loose heart!... And in the other end we have to remember that what ever we decide and remember that no matter how holy we think a decision is we cannot make miracles in the escenario or a real magnified problem!... And we should always pray we make the right decision we the resources we have or how much morality we can afford in the real escenario of need and lack of alternative solutions, please remember we not more less than just human! And leave the miracles to God!... But we should pray that we make the right decision and let God take care of his universe and his place of glory over all affair no matter what that matter is!... thbg


thanks for sharing more bits of wisdom Brother Frank! Yes we should pray and not lose heart, I agree! God Bless you richly! dave

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thanks Dave for you kind amen to this topic! And let us all pray for everyone who this nite and tommorrow may have to make a difficultl decision and have wisdom to weight the right choices and have success in what we determine in a pertinent and real situation!...

Thanks...I hope this blog help someone out there God want to give support and know that our prayers are with in this ordeal!...




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