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Dear Journal: I wanted to write something down before I forget it. I was thinking about the brain and how it works and we have a mind!!! And I was reading the book of Hebrews and was entralled by the fact that the word of God is so shart that it can draw a line between the soul-physical or mental, and separate from the spiritual!!! And I been thinking for a long time how those who have devils emanted a aura of radiation that is contagious and 2Timothy 3 tells us to stay away from them!!! My version is that in the synapses in the neurons in the brain, the electrons make a path from one part the emittter, cross a valley of 'space' and then are collected in the anode part of the neuron, like a laze beam of electronic impulses!!! And there is like ribbon that flow from the healthy brain or mind pattern that make the brain councious by the stimuli!!! But when the bad vibes from someone who has wrong thoughts come close to us, their brain or ribbon emitt radiation that damages our ribbon flow in our own path of impulses in our brain!!! Like a rotten apple rotting the whole crate if you will!!! And couldn't figure how that information is transmitted from one person to another or from the devil to the whole world!!! But what I figured is that in our dimesion light-enegy-mass impulses carry on in our head through the 'stepping stones' of the fiber of space!!! Like a stone steps in the water and makes physical waves accornding to the distance between 'steps' or stepping stones to cross a creek!!! We hope on each to get across!!! And that is the way light steps throught space though the make-up of physical space in electro-magnetic radiation!!! But how is spiritual imformation transmitted??? Tricky!!! I figured that spiritual information is transmitted by varying the time in the time-space continuom and by shortening the spaces between the physical space-time continuoum information is entered in the signal coming stepin on the stepping stoned of physical space!!! Einstein theorized that clumpting of mass make light bend and shink so the stepping stones become shorter between each other!!! And those who have a heavy attiude bend our spiritual wave pattern coming throught the synapses of our electrical singnals in our own brain wave pattern!!! Spiritual energy stretches the distance between the physical space-time in a spiritial person!!! And the more devils and people cloud our mind with their cares and worries, the time between each stepping stone in our brain wave pattern is shortens and we feel anxiety and confusion and desperation!!! But God can help the time-space in our stepping stones to widen and we feel peace again and relieved!!! God can send his word and widen our wave pattern and we feel together with him!!! But when our spirit is afflicted the time space is very little and light bend in our head and confusion comes!!! May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

And I think this is only the beginning of the story!!! And another mystery is that the act of giving heals the turmoil of heart caused by the devil!!! It is a fight between the devil who wants to keep and get and God wants to give and share!!! And the first commandment is to not covet!!! Once we covet and get, there's no real blessing in that but when we give and share and partake of what we have!!!

And God surely told us from the beginning that is is more blessed to give than to recieve!!! Giving brings wellness to the neurons and coveting and getting brings agitation and anxiety to the neurons!!!

May you be blessed and to be continued!!! Amen.


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