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Trying to not focus on my toothache that comes and goes! And I've been looking at my blogs and some or most of them are collages of ideas, but I hope you have noticed they orbit three ideas, one Creation and second Calvary and thirdly Jesus Coming!... After I boil everything down to the sap, I get down to God creating us weak frail creature who rise up to who know what? Giant in the land!!!... And we can get out of the Calvary message, why it had to be, namely Creation weak and frail creatures, a necessity!... And the opposite has happened! We have dynamo people, cross breed between angel and human, product giants into today's culture!!!... And we have the giant 'idols' of the secular world of movies and radio and who know internet or what do I know what else!!!... And we have the giants of the gospel whose words are equal to what God says even more so! Their ideas are so fitting and popular with those who call themselves by God's name, Christ and behold we have the Sons of God, '...Christians...' or those who call themselves by God's name!!!... And we must say that Jesus said that many would come and say "I am Christ..." or "I am Christian..." And or we are the body, the bride or the servants of Christ... and that they would decieve many!!!... Now we know this is not news anymore and more and more 'predicators' come from the earth and set themselves to proclaim the message!!!... And they want to proclaim the Jesus coming and that is good, but they do not preach man weak and frail and wanting!!! They don't like Genesis and how man fell!!! And man did not fall because he sinned but because man is only a man and not devine!!!... And the new breed of devine man or men, we like to pretend that we don't sin or not like him over there, not those kind of hedious sins, so immoral!!!... Our sins are cult and white, and devine, angel sin, like lucifer sin, who transforms into and an angel of light, whose sins well, they can be justified, by reason and no need to call Jesus to do that!!! And doesn't everyone sin!!! Now why do you judge me???... And this giants coming angel sin, of vanity and fell like Lucifer because he was so beautiful and liked the idea of a white angel like devine!!! And these white sinners have a high opinion of themselves and have thought to have earned the mandate to judge others, like God does!!!... And their favorite topic is regeneration and how they can get to this angel like Utopia of holiness, so close to God we think, we think we are there don't need to think about anybody else but ourselves and our holiness and that what the devil thinks continually forever!!!... Blessings. Amen. thbg

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