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Friday, July 16, 2010 A refurnish of the Spirit... I was watching the newly placed honeysuckle plant outside my window, and my mother trying to tell me something through the window pane! I couldn't make out what she was saying!... And has anyone tried to give you an important call and the phone hung up on you?! And... it is frustrating to try to tell what something means sometimes!... I was thinking about this blog site and those who compose it! And I saw a composite number of regular and some come-latelies, and it has been my experience that it is a cycle of coming and going here, giving and taking!... And I think this is wonderful in God that some come and take what we have and take it and pollinate the world with it somewhere else!... And in my mind there's a group of die-hard that the Lord is trying to reach little by little and some who come from outside benefit much by what was intended for them!... And at some time some widow came to him, Jesus, and asked him for something dear to her! And he said, "It is not right to take the children's bread and give to the dogs!...", and she said, "Right...", "But even the little dogs eat the crumbs that fall off their master's table!..."... And Jesus, amazed by that response, conceded to her request, not know what else to do with this woman who knew so much about God and how gracious he is... Blessings. Amen Candlelight Posted by Candlelight at 9:47 AM


Cool Post Brother! I like that "pollinate the world!" Keep on a preachin'! Dave

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you Dave for you kind amen! And we pray that our message finds its way somehow into the hearts who need to be transformed right away, now, and pronto!...

Blessings. Amen.


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