Something that perhaps has been left unturned...

Somewhere along the line I asked the Lord to give me wisdom on matters. And the fact of the spoken matter is that I realized how self-centered and narrow-minde and sectarial I was in heart. After writing some blogs about visiting London and the country there and thier customs. And then going to Paris and something from there. Then meeting Don Quixote and his saga in Moor county Spain. It just dawn on me that the Lord is truly Lord of Lords. What I mean is that the Lord is the Lord of England and the Lord of Spain and the Lord of France. And clux of the matter is that the Lord is the Lord of some county or people you or I may not even like. The Lord loves the little child in South America with thier customs like he does one in the Sudan. This business as Jesus being only King of the Jews is a fact but not limited. He just happen to decide to be born here as a man but the wise men were from the east. God loves America but the Lord loves the whole world. For God so loved the world that he gave up his own first only begotten Son that whom ever beleiveth in him should not perish but have eternal life. Is jsut a fact that he had to be rejected by his own family, town, country and nation so he could become the High Preist of the Whole World. The Lord doesn't think of himself as an American only. He is a world citizen and at home in any country. This sectiarism has caused more problems for the gospel than anything else. Before I can go into the world and preach the gospel I have to get rid of 'me and us' and think of them or me and them together. Perhaps this is not your cup of tea, but Jesus said that if I love my life more than him and the gospel, I will loose this life I want to preserve. But back to the matter- we have to see the Lord in PanaVision and see how he is the Creator of everything and everybody and loves everyone just the same wheter we have realized that or not. This view of tunnel vision has to change if I'm going to bring the gospel to the nations. We don't want others to become Americans per ser, we want them to become like God is Christian. We love this life and county which the Lord has blessed so abundantly with blessings and peace and properitiy. But the Lord has to be seen a God for all the people and of all the people in the whole word not matter what their local customs are. Which really do matter to the Lord in any sense. May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

Rob Henson @greybear ·

Being the one true God of all creation and having a Son who is the Saviour of the entire world, yep he has it all cover and we do all need to se that Salvation cam be know to all men Jew and Gentile....good point.

One quick Note:
[quote]The Lord loves the little child in South America with [b]their customs[/b] like he does one in the Sudan.[/quote]
God loves the child, but does not embrace customs that do not recognize him as Lord. If a custom is to dance to another god then God hates the custom, but he still desires the child to come to a saving knowledge of Salvation through Jesus Christ and acknowledge him as the one true God. Just a side note.


Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Good point. Thanks for making the distiction and pointing out where error can come in with some of the customs they might have.


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