Something to be thankful about...

Before we return to our travel, I have to make a note something so we are blessed by God in our all our undertaking... Sometime we might forget it was shortly sometime ago the onset of a new year. Have we forgotten already what changes we would make for this new year? How has our God helped you get started in accompishing those goal for this segment of your life? Have you really forgotten what new changes you, I was going to make and start afresh with a clean slate? I just got a message from a new freind and I hadn't set out for this blessing... God says that if you give him your first portion cut of your devotion and commitment he promises to pour out a blessing from heaven that you will not have room to put it in. He promises what he says- Open the window to heaven! God wants to gives a peek into the good things he's working and cooking for us. What don't you take his invitation and draw the shade and let the light shine from heaven through the window of the temple in high, high lofty above where everything is possible. In heaven there no nays only amens. All thing are possible. Our High Preist has crossed the heaven and he has open the window so we can take a glimpse of him and the good things. And maybe perhaps you don't know what a blank check is. But that is what the gospel is about. All the hope you could not measure the hope and fulfillment stored up for us when it is time to go to heaven. Even in our walk in this rusty world with dusty roads, our shoes have not worn out or our money bags run empty. Just close your eyes and picture glorious heaven and what that entails? So we thank God for all fine blessing since the onset of this new year. We hope that our tear are less and our heart-ache not as frequent. But his promise is sure to never leave us nor forsake us and he has put in writting so there no coming back or mistake. But you have to believe to get a glimpse of what behind the curtian- the most holy place of heaven itself. The gospel has never been hid, it just that we haven't open our eyes. Issaiah 6:9. May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

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