Sometimes frog worship can bring trouble in teh camp!!!...

It is hard to convince those of the spirit to visit those in frog worship! And a sudden surge of jealousy comes over them! And it is hard to knock education and u' know get better ahead on the market and the busy rat race and catch up with the Joneses with no one in mind really!... And the frog worshippers think God is a frog and like slippery ponds to skip from idea to idea and philosophy to philosophy and endunedo to enduendo and then just to Union Hall and hang out with your freinds!... And the other group like the freedom to make choices and like the idea that God is not offended at them because they are kind of freaky in some sense because they celebrate they are not to prove anything but hang out with their friend who think like them!... And where does the frog loose it leg and end up in a frying pan in Solamalia or Bangladesh?!... We don't like God period and invent every contraption to think that man can out wit his destiny if he studies enough and does research enough and form a committee and toss idea and throw professors and scientiest into it and come up some thing that does not work but it si believable to help us do get the sleep we need and tommorrow we will take another vote and form another class and...well boring in the edn!!!... To be continues in the next lecture class!... Love Frank thbg

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Brother Frank, it is very sad that many worship even animals instead of the True God. :headbanger: Many want to worship a god that they can see and touch. May their eyes be opened to the truth of the Gospel.

Thanks for sharing

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen


Yes -may the open up their hearts and souls and minds to He Who Is Faithful and True! Thank you for sharing Brother Frank and God Bless you richly! Dave

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thanks kind all of you friends for praying with me in this matter! And I have a freind who just now remnded me of Mary! There those who fussed over serving and preparing and tending! And wanted to see her mindin' the store! But the Lord couldn't take off his eyes her who just sat there stared and wanted to see that next utterance came out of the mouth of Jesus!...

And the Devil said to Christ if you are the Son why don't you take this stones and turn them into bread?!...

And Jesus said man shall not live by bread alone which you expec to earn with your own hands but to believe God then you will live indeed and will not have to turn to miracles to provide!...

And the Devil said Ok you! But let take this pinnacle of this Temple drop down and God will take care of you! Is that what the Word says?!...
And God said you shall not put the Lord God to the Test!...

And why you worry did not God say that what God has brough together let no man cast asunder?! Did you not know that if God tell you to love...end!!!

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