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Have you ever noticed how wonderful the lofty clouds float in the sky, adorning our earth and perhaps giving us something to glimpse, and perhaps meditate of how wonderful the earth is put together???... I was going to go into this and that!!! But I thought relax!!! God has sealed his annoited and nothing will come between what he promised them through Jesus!!!... But it is a time to relax and just enjoy the cool and calm assurance that the table and feast is set and safe and waiting for us!!!... But also like the lofty cloud who never shout or storm anyone!!! Did I write that??? Ok sometimes we get thunder and lightning and hail!!!... But what I mean, treasure the assurance that God has set a road apart for us and perhaps some will not take that fork into the promised land!!!... But what I mean and put away wrath and clamor and set our love dial on high!!! Perhaps someone will notice how different we are and cross that thicket into road to life we've taken!!!... And if those outside hear the noise of the music of the feast we already begin to celebrate, then who knows, wouldn't the master of the feast be tickled glad we brought a freind along!!!... Blessings. Amen. thbg


Dear Frank--I like your last sentence a lot. We do need to let the "noise of the music of the feast" be heard by those who come here just to visit and check us out. None of us ever knows whether what we write here will influence someone to accept Jesus' invitation to become a child of God. Well written and well said, my friend. May you continue to be blessed and to be a blessing here at CB. :pray: Ron

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you 'meta' for your kind comment! Thank you so much for your prayer for me! I really honestly do not know what we spur the next blog, a tear, a joy, a frustration, a misunderstanding, a reconcilliation and nothing happens on this end without your prayers, like if I was anyone at all here!!!...

Thanks so much for your freindship, I treasure it so much!!!...

Blessing. Amen.


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