Sorry God! But this problem of mine...only Tammuz would understand!...

Dear freind 'hisdisciple2': I really enjoyed your blog adn I was charmed that your delivery of the subject kind of resembles what I would of said! And but sadly enough the response you got resembles mine from those from outside and not those really who are regulars here but a few who really make bridges with everyone possible!... And I was prayin' like for you this 2:30 AM in the mornin' in my town! And I told God about a blog I wrote about buidin' bridges with those who misunderstand us! And I can't tell you how happy I'm in Jesus that you told your failin's to God nd' your misery of your mishap and just told how humanly we respond to mishap in a...hello?...human way!... And God like that that God does not have to hid in heaven everytime someone just accept that God made us...hello?...human! And some here really help this site finacially and are really commendably involved in the activity here and that is a blessin' to me and everyone we reach here and outside where ever this message goes!... And to the point I was readin' a book that asked why do people suffer? And the author took all solution to an angry God who is angry at our failin's but that is false!... Now God has shown me that God Trinity is not angry with our typical human response, but just to let God n-o when we cross the line and make the wrong response and that is it!... Readin' Ezequiel 8, God says that some women sat weepin' to their god Tammuz! And God is offended at that because they did not trust the creator of the universe to understand sentiment! And think that God doesn't understand the most secret thoughts and desire even we dare not confess to anyone even shrudder ourselves!... And God is offended that we call human failin' human failure and accuse God of makin' a mistake in the way he created us...namely...weak! And we want to be macho and take on the world and even entertain the idea that the holy spirit make us a cross breed of God and human! And it may be true that we are the Temple of God to glorify God and God is not offended at those who are...weak... and confess it to others!... Summary: Human failin' and we have all that is not human failure and much less creation failure on God's part! And we don't have to weep to another Tammuz when the livin' God is present in Heaven at all times!... Human failin' is not Human failure at all and much less when we are weak we have more understandin' at why other suffer as well...adn this way we know what hte situation all too well and we can help in understanding other who alse suffer in this life!... thbg

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