Spain- act 3 and there's pain...

As we go to act three, we have a sorry scene. Don Quixote is badly beaten but does not die. When Don Quixote takes it upon himself to challenge some passer-by on some forsaken road, for the them to give homage and tribute to his Love, the Duchess of Lucina de ‘something', He provokes the passer-by traders until they have enough. Don Quixote's horse stumbles and Don Quixote is on the ground and cannot get up from the weight of his armor. And a base fellow of the passer-by's breaks Don Quixote's Lance to pieces and splinters and turns to attack Don Quixote. Don Quixote refuses to give his scepter but is left for dead and until some ‘serf' passing by mount him on his own *** And take him to village where Don Quixote lives. Don Quixote in spite of the beating refused to come to his senses and claims he was in battle with Ten Giants under the name of another knight. His countrymen and friends see the situation and plot burn Don Quixote's chivalry book and perhaps save him from this ill decease that has gotten hold of him. In another village just a humble as La Mancha, which mean ‘the spot', another knight from a town that too was thought to have a 'spot', is corralled by his countrymen and family and resort to also burn his testimony and break his lance and words in a dubious manner to do him a favor and save him from The ‘decease' that has gotten hold of him. He also is insulted by his claim to be of Royal Blood and his claim to the village, to them to give glory to his Master Lord of heaven and earth. His family and friends don't like this line of talk and resort to get hold of him from his madness in what he claims. His Mother and brothers are there. But this Knight also refuses to recant his Knighthood and claims to be the descendant of the Royal Great Master Lord of the Land-His Majesty Himself. And he claims too, to be the One Sent. What a bad start these two Knights had for what they claimed to be for they claimed that were Royal line and that the subjects of the land should give homage and tribute should give glory to them as emmissaries and the Royal of Royals himself in Heaven-His Majesty and Lord of the Land Himsef. May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

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