Spain - Take 4: Don Quixote in trouble or maybe not...

On Act number 4 in our drama of Don Quixote, Don Quixote's books on chivalry are burned by his friends and relatives. And now he has to remember everything by heart. No more torah. No more notes. He meets a poor, illiterate man, Sancho Panza and makes him squire to the knight. In this scene they go off on their first adventure together. Don Quixote promises Sancho that he will make him king of an Island all to himself for his Reward for sharing the adventure. So they go off on their first sally together and they have a victory and a defeat or vice-versa. In the quest Don Quixote meets some monks of some sort escorting a stage-coach which was boarded by a ‘fair' lady. Don Quixote decides to ‘save' the fair lady from the terrible ‘captor‘knights and challenges them to battle and one of the monks agree. So they go to scuffle and battle and Don Quixote manages by sheer luck or ‘grace' to subdue the monk. Don Quixote has insisted on saving the lady from this terrible captors, according to his madness. But this was a close call for Don Quixote but was victor. Now the defeat part. On another occasion Don Quixote tells Sancho to do battle with Ten Giants. He fiercely attacks one of them, but suddenly by who know, bad luck this time, a strong wind, picks up on the sails of the windmill and it knocks the lance off Don Quixote and throw him plain on his back. No more horse. His lance is shattered. Sancho tells Don Quixote, "I told you they were windmills!" Don Quixote says, "That enemy of mine, the enchanter, has turned these Ten Giants into windmills to rob me of my glory!" Now Jesus too had a great victory over the ‘monks' of his time, the priests, the Pharisees and their religion. And Jesus drew the sword of the spirit against them and he prevailed and was not afraid. He defeated Religion by the true worship of God. But Jesus had a mishap at another place. In Tire and Sidon before the cross. There came to him a lowly foreigner woman who besought him to heal her daughter who was tormented by a devil. She said please have mercy on my daughter. But Jesus decides to draw his sword against her and said emphatically, "It is not right to take the children's bread and cast it to the dogs!" And suddenly a ‘The Wind" moved the lowly objected, rejected, a woman in a foreign country, and the sail knocked the lance off Jesus hand and threw him to the ground... She said, "Yes, But even the little dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the children's table!" And Jesus put back his sword in its sheath and he said Great Giant Windmill, great is your wind, your daughter is well and she was. Jesus defeated lofty Religion but had to kneel when the Spirit lifted the lowly object at the time, a woman in a foreign country. For those who exalt themselves, they will be abased and those who humble themselves will prevail. May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

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