Spain...Take 2

On our second scene our friend Don Quixote, wants to be dubbed Knight but is having trouble finding a suitable Suitor to do the ceremony. Being lodged in ruddy in he imagines he is on a Castle of a Great Name. And the inn-keeper is the Master of the Castle. The landlord calling Don Quixote mad decides to play along with this thing of Don Quixote and agrees to Knight him, Mr. Freeloader himself. And two ladies there accompany the Master to do the ceremonies of knighthood. The ‘Master' reading the rite book, the rent manual and uttering some pious words somewhat like if he knew any, Knights Don Quixote into the ‘brotherhood'. Don Quixote insisted that he can go to his conquests unless he follows the rules. Don Quixote was quite a tidy character. To the ‘damsels' he promises to give them their share of his glories. Why Don Quixote is a fair and would not cheat anyone. But he insisted on not carrying a money bag. He expected Miracle to provide. He also insisted that the ‘damsels' of the inn or Castle be called Lady M and Lady T, why they are in the presence of a ‘gentleman' or here a knight by all rights and duties ordained by the act of the ‘brother' hood. Why did Paul want to go to Spain and never go there? Well Don Quixote decided to take on the world by himself. He was armed, fully clothed for battle and the armor would stay on if he didn't sneeze. So the Master after blessing Don Quixote sends him on his first mission. Which we will not disclosed until hopefully next scene. We leave this scene with another scene; the Master is on this scene. And the Pharisees brought a ‘lady' or damsel Caught in the act of Adultery and those by say to him, Master shall we stone her like it says on the rites book? And the Master knelt down and jotted something on the ground. He repeated this several times. And he said to them who among you do not owe the Inn some money, and then be the first to accuse and execute. And they could not. One by one left the scene. And the Master told the damsel, lady? Where are your rent collectors? and she said, My Knight, they are gone. Go in peace but leave this Castle, you don't belong here anymore... May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

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