Sunday Morning Sabbath Message Sermon: The Count-down!...

Takin' my Mother to StarBucks! And proceeded to a skit of the faith that was in me! And with my loud voice and I wouldn't be surprised if those next to me were listenin' to the truth for the first time that God is availiable to those any who would call for help!... And I said if those in the poor Haiti what would they have to do have to have thm' help them with the homeless children in the streets?! And a poor child in the street have to do is call on God!... And the fact is that the human mind take no other pleasure than to revile the name of God and shun what ever he has ever said of what ever is said about how man can come to eat a a full table!... And those in the flesh hate God! And even those who pretend to invoke the name of God don't quite believe God htat is the answer to everything, even our most sorry petitions for mercy!... And the fact that the truth is so simple, well we did not want a God that was so simple, and so want to start with 10 conditions God need to answer, ten commandments God expect if God is to take note of what ever ails us?!... A leper once approached Jesus and said to Jesus, Lord if you will can make me clean!...And Jesus said...I do will it...Be clean...and he was clean!... And where did we get the idea that God is far off in some Hebrew town if he is aware of every breath we take?!... And if God said that in the begin of creation...let it be...and it was! How can it not say let the call for help be...and it will!... Now do not loose another moment! Let me tell you in my the verge of callin' a committe to study why do I give sudden gift of perfect strangers? And yesterday this dear girl a youngster who...smiled at me! And I remembered that sometime in the past I gave here some gift for her and all her freinds who work with her!... And if the candy stores are filled with all the candy one could wish for! Why would a sudden gesture of candi-canes create such a stir in her life?!... God wants to reach this person and God has appeared in the life this person! I'm just a messenger but God is there to stay with this person because lookin' at me...him who sent me...wants to be good to this person who happens to have a heart that smiles back at God!... I will never be able do change the sudden smile this teen-ager has for God once God has come into her life in the person of a poor coffee shop customer!... And each new convert God makes God is more ready to shut the door on this age! And once all his sheep are in the fold the door will be shut and some will come later and say..."Lord open the door for us!..." And he will say..."Away, I don't know you or where you come from!..." And they will add..." We ate with you and you preached on our streets!..." And the final words from Jesus will be..."I swear, I never knew you!..."!... Love Frank thbg

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

And who know sometime I look at my little life and what is it that we write about?! And feeling the malaize in my life and not really knowing whether I'm coming or going?! And yet God tells me, "You loose more weight when you feel this trouble and this malaize!..." And feel better about that because I do need to loose weight!...

And God being mindful that I'm not so diligent to do exercise like I should because I have this mala-aix! And suddenly I feel much better than even in my best worst moment God is always doin'g something wonderful for me!...

And like we said if we only ask God what is happening, he will tell us what is happening and will explain everything! And though I still feel mala-aize, but feel that my discomfort will be better for you comfort, if you can have and take any meaning of all of these things?!...





Thanks Brother Frank for being encouraging to others! God Bless you mightily! Dave

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