Sunday Sabbath Message: God loves you...!

There's a story in the bible in a book called the Book of Acts, and there was this apostle called by God called Paul who went about preaching the golpel to gentiles. Now there were the Jew and there were the gentiles. And supposedly God would save the Jews only but later Paul a Jew, then received a message from God that he would have to invite the gentiles to the salvation of God... And Paul had the most difficult time following this orders God had given him from heaven, and because like many in his time thought the Jews were the only chosen people of God. And Paul could not believe it. But God made miraculous things with Paul to convince him, which was almost an impossible task... And many of us today, may think God is not talking to us and like Paul may find obsurd that elusive God would have something to say to us!!! But the miracle of good kind God Jesus is that he wants a chat with you!!! And want to talk with ASAP!!! Now Paul once was tied and ready to flogged by Romans Soldiers and they were filled with fear because he told them that he was a Roman Citizen and that is was illegal to beat a Roman Citizen with our first trial!!! Now God has an important message for me and you, that we won't have to go to trial with him, if we have a pre-trial chat with him and get thing right with Jesus his Son!!! Now wouldn't that be wonderful!!! Avoid a session with God of that sort!!! Now I don't want to go to trial for my sins with God!!! Now I have made a lots of mistakes in my life and I know I have cheated, lied, and so on!!! And even say that I had good reasons for such!!! But we don't want to have to go over them with God if let Jesus take those mistakes away!!! Now think about possible things with God!!! And this is what God want to do for you and me!!! Let call on God together and make an appointment and a pre-trial arrangement and settle differences...!!! I hope earnestly this message reaches you heart!!! I had the greatest joy in telling it to you!!! May God bless you and you have a good day today!!!... thbg

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