Takin' on the Vortec of Busy to shake the devil off the train of the bride!

Askin' someone for her blessin' and we joked on the ways people invoke blessin's on each other! And I think Abraham blessed Issac and Issac Jacob or something like that!... But the blessin' someone gave sent me on a very busy circuit with no good things to see or taste!...We were trapped and we coundn't make choices to free ourselves because it was one duty after another!... And I said to God,...Any ideas?! And he said it seem the devil is hold of someone in prison who has captivated the bride and is takin' hold of dress train!... And you takin' bride have to drag everyone with u'!... And thought I!,...Why nnot drar the bride to where now she may want to a nd' see if the devil and her captive likes that?!... And I got my laptop again a we want to do be BUSY and preach the gospel and get to work after the psedual 'honeymoon'!... And just think the busy devil is workin' to make people free and un-BUSY!... Nothing coorners d and his might to deal with each custumer who needs something to be BUSY about!... Love-Frank-thbg

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