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I wrote a letter t a famous tele-evangelist that tells that he bases his messages on the bible alone. I like to listen to him as an exercise in truth. But in this letter I asked him how open minded he was to perhaps better understanding of the bible. I asked him how much was he was willing to sacrifice to preach only the truth. I know he is sincere and very diligent worker of the word. But perhaps this blog is not about him...That same day I went to an open-air concert where they promised to play "gospel" music. I looked forward to hearing "amazing grace" or " In the Ghetto" by Elvis. But when I got there I took a small 'swif' of the music. I don't know if it was Jazz or the Blues or some combination. I left the concert. No, this blog is not about the music. It's about me and my "open-minded" directed letter that I had written earlier. I realized that I had become a little set on my ways a bit. I had become critical of some music I didn't understand. The park was packed, and I began to feel concern about what I write. Had I reached the limit of my open-minded-ness. I though to myself, "Blessed are the meek..." I thought I was meek. Hail Teacher! Got trouble! I thought to myself. How do you finish a blog like this with a straight face? Let us pray then: Dear God, Blessed Wonderful Father, Glorious God: Dear Jesus happy father's day and a glorious day to you dear king and priest. Dear God, we've come short of your glory today. We humbly ask that you forgive our sins and short sightedness. Please God, turn the day around with your magnificent glory in heaven. In your name we pray. Amen. Later that evening I came home and watched a program and Elvis was on and he was singing, " A boy in the Ghetto". I thought to myself, at least I got my boy in the Ghetto. No mistake we make is redeemable except by the blood of Jesus. I was trying to climb the wall some other way, like a thief and robber. There's no remedy for my sins except they are forgiven me. When you take away the vanity and pride, everything become simple, with the blood of Jesus. May you have a blessed, forgiven day. Glory!!! Amen.

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