The blowin' open storm window and washin' my hands with water of guilt!...

I had this sort of bad dream where my sunroom storm windows kept openin' with the wind! And I went to restroom to wash my hands of this rash which I think came of some guilt or some unfinished business! And the truth is that I haven't been so good to a benefactor or two I have!... And I have been fallin' away and behind on my obligations! And I made a terrible demand on someone who made a promise to me! And I know that is not fair! But I haven't forgotten my obligation and I mean to pay in the most opportune moment!... And Jesus told a Parable of a King who had a subject lot's of rent and the King demanded the subject pay up like he promised to pay! But for some bad moment business the subject could not pay at that time but promise to pay soon! But the King committed the subject to jail so he could pay every pennie!... But the subject humbled himself and implored mercy and forbearance! And as remember as I made the most incideous demand on the promise of someone made to me to do!... And I had totally forgotten in God how I too had fallen behind on my promise to pay someone else!... And the king moved with compassion frankly forgave him and well the subject was so glad! But an hour later he notice someone who owed him some parkin' meter money and he took the other citizen by the throat and demanded payment with interest!... And the subject I took from the throat had a history of bein' a bad rent collector and demandin' all sort of late-fee and late-payment fees!... And we it is a round robin of citizens who forget how much we owe someone else and take on to threaten those who owe us!... Ephesinans 4:32 says to be kind hearted toward each and frankly forgive each other like Christ in Jesus has forgiven us... thbg

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Brother Frank, indeed may we remember the Great Forgiveness of our Lord towards us and everytime we sin and repent, may we be like Him in this manner, always forgiving generously and not holding back any grace from us.

May we do the same to others with the same amount of grace and love. Help us , Lord !
Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thanks 'Silver' for the benediction to our message! Thanks for being such a kind freind who is always around to support!...



Yes-may we purse forgiveness amongst each other-as Christ has forgiven us! God Bless you mightily, my friend! Dave

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