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I once wrote a blog that I thought was pretty impressive. I went to the attic and dungeoun for this material. But it flopped! I smile with myself with amazement. But that's some mystery I haven't figured out. Then I looked at all the other blogs! And they were professional! I was, confess, envious...! So I decide to have this chat. We interpreted somebody's dream. That's done. Oh by the way! I'm concerned about what is happening to our site that is slowing down! And it's going to take money to repair! I can't think of the endless devotion of some who have chipped in with donation to keep things going... But I prayed with my God about this things and he laid on my heart that...have we examines ourselves and see if we, I am in the faith? Perhaps we are the one who have slowed down in a search for real understanding? I was offended at something, but I won't tell what that was or still is. I have a wooden cross on my wall and I look at it regularly to remind me when I pray to see if there's someone who have I have offended? Or somebody offended me that I need to forgive?... No. We won't go the ratings race! We will just have this chat! I don't chat online. Nothing wrong with that. I used to do it profusely before and I don't want to start again. I do appreciate when my fellows pray for me. I thank you so much. The fervernt prayer of the faithful avails much! But I must say we can't fall asleep to the fact that fall is around the corner and I'm excite about the blessing the Lord will bring with that season. God has a purpose for every season and a season in our life for every purpose... But let's focus on you, you and not me, me! What have you been upto? Diligence? Prayfulness? Devotion? Faithfulness? I hope thing come around for you. I prayed to the Lord for Charity. That what I need most in my soul. I confessed it to God. Please pray that God answers that prayer for me! It hurts me lots to give of what I don't have and how I need a charitable heart and spirit. Thanks in advance. I have a lots of chores to do. All on hold. Please pray for me in the little things of this life... To close I must exort you to learn to stipulate what is right and wrong. Do not hesitate to quote a verse here and there and explain how folly bring ruin. They will hate your wisdom but it pleases God to make things clear to when they will not retort, "I did know...Nobody ever told me that!" But gently I must add. We know nobody will see any wisdom without the blessings of God. So that is it. My prayers are with you. Please remember me sometime in your day and ask God to have mercy upon me...I thank you so much... thbg

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·


Hey, I've written a few of those blogs myself! I think, everyone will like this one! Then I humbly remind myself that it's not about how many responses I get or how many people read it. Maybe God had me write it for one single solitary person who doesn't comment. And then deep down I'm stung that nobody commented.

Have you ever read a blog that is so full and so meaningful that you can't even figure out what to write in response? I've done that several times, to yours, to others. A few times I did something totally cute and shallow, like typing Gracie is speechless. Maybe I should do that more often.

Sometimes I have to let the blog sit and simmer for a while as I chew on it.

Sometimes I don't have time to think out or type out my response.

Sometimes I mean to get back and finish reading and then I forget :doh:

Yeah, I've written a few of those myself. Don't take it personally. We love you


Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you for you kind support Gracie. I really appreciate it. It's been a good day. Made some taciturn decisions. Made mistakes. Fell back on my plans. But I had three square meals today and I again come to the cross for support. And I'm comforted together will every one who loves Jesus. I had to bury the old pride. The old self confidence. And again I need to thank God that he is for us and is our God...

Thanks Gracie for being Gods' emmissary of comfort to me today. Take care and keep up the good work and good fight...


Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

yeah.. sometimes I read a blog and think to myself "wow that was profound" or " that was good, or strange". Maybe I should spend a little more time actually writing that as a blog comment.. Other times i just dont know what to say, fearing that my comment is silly or just plain dumb.
You keep writing my brother.. we will keep reading.
But you know.. you are very wise.. we all need to come daily to the cross, problem is.. sometimes some of us forget:doh: thank you for the reminder.
take care


thbg, exactly what your name is - is what CB is about - you write to bring glory to Him. If you remember that, you will not be disheartened but write as He inspires you... to touch one life on CB... ...

To have a touch from the Lord is so real
To have a touch from the Lord is so real
If you draw nigh to Him
He will draw nigh to you
To have a touch from the Lord is so real.
Author unknown

And if you have a touch from the Lord and pass it on... wow what a flame it will start and when passed on... what an influence it will brother... keep on having a touch from the Lord and pass it on... the world needs a touch from the Lord... through you. It's your availability and the anointing that matters.


Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you kind freinds for your kind comfort and support. I feel like old boiler that will just not crank up. But then I'm exagerating. Thank being there for me in this time of transition for perhaps my life. I hope and pray God blesses your lives and gives you the best cuts of his blessings. May God have everlasting dominion and glory. Amen.


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