The chili-loving burra...

My father was from "Charco De Pena" Mexico. My grandmother was from "Ojinaga" Mexico. My relationship with my father hasn't always been good. But there's a story I like to tell that was passed on to me by my father. You can title this story, "The burra that ate the chili burritos." What's so significant about a she-donkey that has a binge on chili? Who know but let's go on with the story. Once upon a time in a distant galaxy, called Mexico, Pancho and Ernesto, went about their business to work on the fields. Pancho carried lunch on as sack as was the custom. When they got to their place of work, Pancho hung the lunch bag next to a she-donkey. Alberto, not Pancho or Ernesto, told them, what ever you do, don't put your lunch bag next to my burra, because she likes burritos. Pancho said, ok thanks! But Pancho went about his business, this and that, and then put the lunch bag on a tree, next to the burra. So they went off to work on the fields. At 11:59 am, Ernesto asked Panco, "Pancho, where did you put the lunch? "On a tree..." said Pancho. Ernesto added, "Is the tree right next to the burra?" Then Pancho's heart went to his socks or lack of them and said, "Yes..." "Go get our lunch...!" Said Ernesto to Pancho. So Pancho went to a ditch where the tree was. When he got there, there was the burra, very still, almost innocent, parked right next to the tree. And the burra had, she had chili all over her forehead! The burra had gotten to the lunch bag and eaten all the chile burritos. The donkeys' forehead told the whole story. Pancho couldn't believe what had happened. He had done a mistake and trusted a burra with his lunch. Pancho could smell all the chili on the burras' face. I like to retell this tale of a chile loving burra. I don't know how to end this blog, but perhaps ask to whom have I entrusted my lunch. We all need to eat. Physically and Spiritually. Whom can we trust to feed us at the appointed time? Is your lunch still on the bookshelf collecting dust? What about your quiet time with the Lord? Truly, truly have you had your spiritual luch today? Or has the burra-world, threatening to run off with your devotion and quiet time with the Lord? It's a simple tale, but losing your spiritual lunch is not! Do let the burra-she donkey get hold of your spiritual burritos, your quiet time with the Lord. May you be blessed and may God have all the praise and all the glory. Amen.

Andrea Lynn @allforhim ·

I enjoyed your story and I will be sure not to put my lunch anywhere near that burro! Bless you brother! Andrea

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you for you kind comment. I say this because this blog that had the least views was one of the most important I've done. I regarded my father as an ignorant, worthless person. Not being able to to produce anything good for anything. Yes, I confess my sin. I wanted to honor my father by writing one of his stories, which is a true story, and tell it to everyone, no matter if they laugh or not!

I say this with tears because God being so kind to me, gave me something of my father that I could share with all my friends in the world and God was also merciful to me, because I've never done anything for my father, and God so merciful to me, tore down for a moment the hate that I paraded it my heart for my parent and actually love him for an instant the way God loves him.

Thank you for taking the time to share with me this accassion to put something of my father in display, to his honor him and to the praise and glory of God.

Samantha Shemer @youaregolden ·

Thanks for sharing this with us! It is very inspiring and definitely thought provoking!
-Golden :flower:

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