The Comic and the Come...meek!

I can't help but chuck in the Lord as how quickly all you caught more in less time than I thought!!! And takin' things further examine this: I was watchin' a renowned tele-evangelist take on a revival of values for the nation and I thought good! And then I flipped the channel nd' there was this soap where a distraught mother carefully tried to console the broken heart of her sobbing dauther who would not stop crying!... And then I flipped the channel again and gettin' wrist arthritis by now by all this flippin' of channels, and then I see the NFL playoff football game where the players pretend they have somethin' against each other and to meet an imaginary goal and get a=reward, win!... And then one more flipp of the control wand and I watched Robert Wagner is "It takes a thief" to steal a woman out of funny talkin' dialect country! And the authorities there are 'funny' and well they try their best to out wit Robert but it is his show!... And then one more overdose change of channels I turn to a Bob Hope movie and he is in a compromisin' situation alone with a...good lookin...dialect talkin woman who is not wearing much...sorry...but TV safe... and some boy scouts are peepin through the window and he tells them..."Scram...'communist'...'... And what is all of this about?! And evengelist telling the truth about Morals and Values and I was soothed by the wave of his talkin' and I couldn't turn away from what he was sayin' but could not repeat what he was sayin' because I really did not know what he was sayin' and or intending to say or perhaps put together in thou=ght my head or his or neither!... And the make believe mother trying to bring comfort to his daugher moved me tremendously and brought fear to my heart and prayed that my children and grandchildren are safe and hopefully happy!... And Robert we thought or think that stealin' from foreigners in a foreigner is at best glamourous and chick! And we can make a show of takin' advantage of what ever they have after all we are not lyin' or stealin' from American but from socialists and perhaps funny soundin' communists!... And well Bob carrying a half dressed woman and makin' a funny show of this and it was funny! But in the final analysis is the double standard funny when we approach God?!... And James speaks about hte double-minded! And when a disaster happens it is a disaster, when it happens to us that it is our daugher who is broken hearted, then we know that things take who different kind of light nad and funny part about it goes away and real concern comes home real quickly!... And we can examine values and stealing and lying and treatin' foreigner in a comical way and look at sports and enjoy the contest and then after it gone! But real values stipulated by God do not go out of style and we know that when someone lies to us or steals from us we know that no matter how l what that is that it si a real disaster!!!... Love Frank thbg

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

you just reminded me why i dont watch much tv and wheni do it's usually the show on discovery channel"how it's made"( they show how things are made. be blessed

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Brother Frank, yes TV is full of wrong morals and wrong behaviours.:mrgreen: Here we constantly have serials on Chinese dieties, their lives and their power, including their perceived occultic influences on mankind and the world.

One has to be careful what we watch today especially kids who may take their values they protray as correct. As you rightly said, the values of God is everlasting, strong and never dying. Use God's values as a comparsion of what the TV protrays and always choose the Bible way.:studying::heart::studying::heart:

Thanks for sharing

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen


"Reality" programs, revenge shows, etc.! I ain't too keen on t.v. programming! As Jesus says heaven and earth will pass away but My words won't! Thanks for sharing and God Bless you! Dave

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thnks all you..u kind friends for you kind fellowship! And futhering this process I was watching a Christian movie I suppose it was on a Christian Channel and there was about three people stranded in forsaken island with nothing to go on but wit, self-restrain and what ever moral were left on them! The catch was that there were a man and younger man and a girl...a recipe for trouble!...

The girl entralled by the older man and the girl taken by a woman's perpective of what was fair for her well, she was nto a Christain then and the young man like the young girl and was not very versed on how to let his feeling know to this girl!...

And in dejection the young man kept to himself devicing a way to get off the island! And he invented a contraption on how to build a flare that eventually made the difference in they being rescued!...

And the young man told the girl that I'm concerned about you that this other man was just playing the tune with her and would abandon her once he was back to the other life he had back in civilization!...

And the girl did not believe him and though that he was just hurt by bein alone and not knowing where to bury his entrallment for her!...

And the young man was perhaps a courier for of the words of God and not knowing what to do just forgot the girl after they were rescued, but the girl found out what man the older man was and how she wan now the one left over or out!...

And the girl in the movie picked up a bible nad tryind to see what to do and perhaps if by osmosis she could capture the thought of the wisdom the young man wanted to show her!...

And the young man departed and then when she found that out she knew some cold wind came into her house now that she wanted to tell him that he was right and wanted to perhaps...make amend...and start all over again!...

And she finally found him and they became a couple and she realize she had made a mistake about something that something that someone had told her was wrong and something about what was right!...

And a good film because God does nto shun attraction between man and woman and triangles can occur but God tells that we should be faithful in our dealing with each other we should be careful to be wise on whom we bestow our trust and and soul and goods!...

And this is not a message about not making mistakes but that we repent when realize we blow it big time and do not pass the opportunity to be happy in a good way when opportunity knocks ever romantickly and we should ask God to guide us to the right person who will not shame our faith, body or soul and the word God given to live by for our own good and be prudent of how the pull of the flesh our own can trick us!...

And if we still have values then those values will keep us and preserve and if we learn to respect then those acts of respect will rtun and respect us!

Happy Martin Luther king Jr. Holiday who brought respect to many who were on the margin of society and may God have all the


I remember watching a news story about girls catfighting, and alot of the reporters had no idea why the trend was spreding. Right after that, a comercial came on for a soap with two women fighting. :doh:

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