The Complaint, The Tonic, The Result...

Today I decided to go to my private journal and tell God my complaint. I did not go into my prayer closet because I wanted to make formal complain to God in writing. The complain we there seem to be again a mist and cloud on the web. There's seem to be a famine of the word in this site. There's plenty of blogs but we just shuffle them and dismiss them like well nothing. I'm not talking about my blogs specifically but generally over all. I open my bible and I keep coming to the same place in the book of Acts13. Paul is in Psidian Antioch and he just really wants to convince his crowd of the message but the interest is just not there. And Paul takes us to task. He says in Acts 13:41 "Look, you scoffers, wonder and perish, for I am going to do something in your days that you would never beleive even if someone told you so." He is quoting the prophet Hab. 1:5. And we ask this question could he be addressing that to us? He says -wonder and perish...Not dismiss and it will be well. In the parable of the Tenants our Lord Jesus say that God has a garden and want some of the fruit- at least the "Amens". And he says God sent some of his servants and they were treated shamefully and with contempt. Then at last he says, Pehaps if I send my son then they will respect him? The question is are we going to wait for the Son to return in the last day, then we will take him seriously. There will be alot of worship then but it will be to late. God says he will kill those tenants and give his garden to other who will bring in the fruit. John the Baptist told the crowds bring in the fruit which the sign of real repentance. You brood of Vipers who told you to flea from the wrath to come?... Have I said enought to make my complaint to God clear. Certainly you can ask yourself if this involves you? May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

Albert Bunyea @bubbavela ·

I'm not sure if we can grasp what you are saying. I hope you are trying to encourage us to get out in the fields. It is an awesome task that our Lord gives us, when we get to work the fields. Many of us feel overwhelmed with our calling when we look at the world today. if your calling is different than ours please understand that our Lord has not left you all alone. He is with you, and well, you may not need another. But don't think that we have left you all alone. We may just be working a different part of the field. I just read an awesome blog where one of our young ChristianBlog members gave an awesome bit of advice to another young member. How cool is that? We do love your words though for often times you enlighten us with them.

your brother in light,

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thanks for you prompt and kind comment. If I could put it in a few words it is this: Are we taking God seriously. Is the word of God entertaining reading to pass the time? Have we understimated the privilidge to read and know the truth? I just wonder is what everybody says- just whiffs right through viewers head. I was at a Miss 'High School' peagent and it looked normal, kind of flimsy acts and some very good. And I was remembering a blog I wrote about praying for our children here and everywhere and all children. And the Lord laid in my heart a question there while is watched at that High School,

"Have you prayed for the contestants of the contest or are you just here to be entertained?..."

I had forgotten what I wrote about concern for others. I guess I took it lightly that I just wrote something and forgot all about doing what I said in the essay or blog. I took it lightly. I asked God for forgiveness and I pray for the future of those youngsters since I was there with the opportunity. yes, it all about whether we take God seriously or are we just here to be entertained and having itchy ears for that entertainment. May you be blessed. Amen.


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