The Complexity of life!...

Thank you 'Silver' for bringin' me to my right senses! I want to write a blog on complex numbers and bein'g a math major, or that is self proclaim self proclaimed math major! And who are those who are complex?! And if some tell me you are so complex! I don't think they means I have a nice complexion! And if you tell a woman you have a nice complexion it could be a come on on your part!... But later we will take on complex issues made of the real fact and those of imaginary roots who are really not defined as established facts but imaginations! And why do we men imagine things even sin, in doing so! But then why is man so complex? And why doesn't really man have a nice complexion to perdure!... I searched for an easy solution for the gospel but found it was all complex and troublesome everytime I dreamed again and took a leap of faith! And everytime the Lord comfounded me especially when I had been unthoughtful to someone I care about! And how do we come out of complexity? What is really simple like Christ? The gospel is free and simple but we make it complex and have to pay something to get it!... And yet the complexion of the creation reveals the complexion of God and the complicated atom and yet science more and more find more order to it! And we all want to make thin'gs simple and complicate them in the process! And we complicate matters with the figment of our imagination which are figment and not real fact!... And what is told about God is told plainly in his word but we imagine the worst about God and then we go in the other direction and understimate him and take him lightly and put him to test on his patience and then trouble comes and then we wonder why life is so complex!... thbg

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