The Convulsion, The Mulling and the Resolution!!!

We are always learning new words!!! And I have to look up the word 'egalitarian'. ["...The idea of of ideal of all people being equal in all respects and right and opportunities..."] And I found this 'egalitarian' version of the bible. I open it up and it is just another bible like the one I read yesterday and the day before. The cover says 'The Inclusive Bible' and I would think it want to include everone!!! And I think that is noble gesture and idea!!! And why not include everyone???!!! And certainly God is not a respecter of persons or personalities or personell!!! God says "All that hear, come his Temple draw near!!!..." And God says that his Temple is a place of prayer for all peoples!!! At one time some Greek wanted to see and speak to Jesus and the dicipiles told Jesus some foreigner Greek wanted a word with him!!! And he said that that it was the time for the Son of Man to be glorified as Saviour of all the World and not just a social little group!!! "...All ye that hear, to his Temple draw near...!!!" Now that sound nice, doesn't it???!!! And some would think that Salvation is for the elect only!!! True!!! But the elect number is open set of number of people no number can count!!! So away from selective Service and if you hear to his Temple draw near!!! This is not a complicated Job Application!!! But "...All ye that hear!!! To his Temple draw near!!!..." And we can mull over this and maybe disagree!!! But let hear it again, "...All ye that hear!!! mmm, mmm, to his Temple draw near..." And don't check dictionary to translate this line, but as your little child in your home, what it means, "All ye that hear, his Temple draw near!!!..." And we will can thisi the inclusive blog, because it is calling you all that hear!!! Now that we convulsed over doctrines of election and free choice, and mulled over who God want to save???, Who cares as long as you hear and you will to God Temple draw near!!!... May you have a wonderful day, night and evening and for some a new morning!!! thbg


thbg, it is really not as convoluted as some would make it, to draw near.


Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you ptl for your kind comment. And I like to believe what you say. But just try a little Calvalism to an Armenian and you will convulsion for sure!!! The sheer idea that God decides our fate does not fit well in the stomack of some!!! Why we have free choice and free moral agency to decide when and how I decide to accept Jesus!!!...

But like I said in Blog I wanted to avoid convulsion and skip the argumants and discussions and just invite anyone who will hear to draw near for what ever reason they decide they want to hear about God and hear God!!!...

We want to leave the door wide open for anyone who hungers to come and eat and satisfy himself and herself and taste that the Lord is good!!! And we want to make every possible effort to invite any tuna, shark, or whale to come into God's net!!!

And as King David took of the holy shewbread dedicated only for Preists to consume, he ate of it and his companions with him, picturing that the shewbread Jesus is for anyone that is hungry and not only for high class Priests of any kind!!!

And we want to get away from the vain bread of arrogance that God is a respected of persons and classes and or races or certain individuals!!! God, as holy he is clearly tells that he will show mercy on whom he will by his own decision and taste!!!

And this Easter we want to become unleavened and perhaps eat of the humble bread and not the inflated leavened bread of vain-glory, arrogance and insolence!!!

And certainly Jesus took precedence in this that he took the form of Servant washing the dicipile feet and working for us on the cross!!! And I just hope God will grant his grace on us and have us do the same for each other and work shoulder to shoulder in the task of the gospel!!!

May you be blessed. Amen.


Billy Beard @billyb ·

Brother Frank, I make no claims of being totally in either camp. God pulled me out of that pit, Praise God! We believe in and trust Jesus Christ alone for salvation. Only His blood takes away sin. When we accept Him as Saviour, we commit to allow Him to be Lord. Our old self dies, and we rise to walk in newness of life, enabled with His Holy Spirit to now live a life 'created unto good works'. I believe that whatever ones camp is, they will acknowledge this as clear teachings of the Holy Scripture. And I am with you, this is a 'whosoever', 'any', Gospel! God Bless, billy

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