The DNA tie: A frearful step: Creation...

I was looking at my new good fiction guide, I got it for a whole dollar, must of been a gift! I suppose it must as well be fiction! Too shocking to be the truth! I was looking at my companion book, the 'Freedom Writers Foundation' and that cost me 4 dollars, a tip more expensive!... Now the diaries are not fiction, but realism or realistic opinions of what some student in some forsaken place perceive their reality!... I was also remembering a movie I was watching and the man said to his new girlfriend, "You must must be positive even close to death!..." And she without turning and looking aimlessly out the car widow, said, "...huh...I'm a realist...!" And the set is set for those who walk the tightwire between positivism and secular humanism and those who are realists and need facts and not ideas! It is tought to walk this path! But is the most secure sought path people take, I take!... And skew to this positivism-realism-scientificism axle and refererence line is the axle of faith, where everything is possible and only God knows how!... And at conception God joins by a molecular bridge the DNA of the father with the strand of DNA of the mother by miracle! Miracle? Ask an architect what is stake in building a bridge over a river to hold and stand together?!... And a human cell is created in the womb or vitro by the DNA of male with female ovum, by miracle! And furthering this would be 'fiction' is how the bridge is built by God beween the Holy Spirit and the human, realist mind of man, woman and supertake all posetivism and realism!... Jesus said I'm the gate, the pass-through of the spirit by which man is joined to his creator God! Jesus said I'm the Door to the riches of God, the Holy Spirit!... How clever! If we defunk the idea of conception by God in the womb, we can carry over and demolish of redemption idea or reality, salvation solely by the holy spirit later on!... Blessings. Amen. Ps. Thank you for your prayers...amen! thbg

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