The Fearful Segment...Some time in our life...

In writing this segment it was to a degree fearful. We have the vision of a parapet, a tower or one room with room only to look out but not much room to walk in. It seems that we have vertical space but we don't have longitude in our Life. It seems like if we have a lot of seed stacked up but no field where to plant it. It is somewhat fearful, yet exciting who would relate to this experience. Do you have vertical space but not allowed into the street? Sometimes we have gifts but sometimes we don't see the vision of the goodness it is to give it away. It seems that the lesson is that we don't live for ourselves like we thought. The world teaches to live for the self. Yet we spend hours and hours watching television that share the stories of other with us and make us feel part of what is happening. Certainly Jesus had this thought that he was there for what he was sent to do-give his life for the world. He couldn't leave Jerusalem, he could come in but he couldn't check out like the famous line goes. But what is the price of purchasing longitude for someone. That is what is the cost of freedom. It cost our Lord his life to give us the freedom we Have. Sometime the loneliest moment is at night when everyone is asleep and you just can't sleep but haven't had your free moment for the day and the night keeps watch over you so you can't go anyplace. Where would you go that someone would understand what you want? But I find freedom when I kneel and get on my knees and give thanks for all the wonderful things God has done for me this day. Then I realize that I can have freedom from fear, anxiety and doom, because I know my God likes freedom. Then I don't fear the darkness anymore or uncertainty because I have comfort in the faith He, God has given me that I will be all right with him and whatever tomorrow bring if I get to wake again. Because I know that I will pray again and for one more day my God will guide me by the hand and keep me safe. I don't have to fear anymore and in fact a certain peace come over me as fringe benefit from the trust I have put on him. I really wonder why I feared in the first place. But then I would have never occurred to me to take my letter to God and tell him my trouble. Have you ventured to take your troubles to God? If we only believed we could of worried Without cause because he has all the longitude to run and explore and escape whatever troubles you. Why don't you believe today and you'll realize how you worried in vain because there's a God that delivers. May you be blessed. Amen. "Even if we walk in the valley of the shadow of Death, I will fear no evil, for you are close besides me and your staff protects and comforts me..." -Psalm 23. thbg

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