The funeral of the flesh is something we can not miss...

I couldn't believe myself and myway. After a wonderful, blissful, blessed Sunday, by the evening, in the wake of turning in for monday, I had turned into a horrible monster. Impatient! Yelling! Scolding others! What happened to Sunday and the angel like person I'm supposed to be? There's more remedy in telling it like it is than to hide it! I confess God. I turned back into an angry ogre. So please help us God to remember that we are called by your name. What happened to the kind, compassionate, sypathetic people we should be like? There was an incident once in the bible, when the dicipiles were disputing on who would be the greatest on the Kingdom of God and Jesus found out about it and rebuked them. And he took a child from the midst and put him in front of them and said unless you become like children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of God or rather said the Kind-dom of God is a better nomer. How can we turn to Isaiah 61 and say that we have been annoited to set the prisoners free when we don't have the key to our own cell. He who sins is a slave of sin, God says. And certainly coming monday if we face it with wrath in our hearts, we are are not yet truly delivered. It happens to me. That's why I write. But how much kilowats of power will it take to make the sun shine on you heart in 24 hours, when you are stuck in traffic, on a long check-out line or someone in your family who needs a double dose of sympathy? I hope you catch my rift. Its' really not that complicated. Put your flesh in its corner, away from your heart. May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

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