The hardest blog I had to write,...about myself!

I was led in though about a blog I read, that made the "top ten". It was about Christians and reformation. Is there really transformation in Christians? In Effessians 6:10 we are to arm agaist the wiles of the Devil. And one of the elements of war of this principality, the Devil, is truth. Guird your loins with truth. We decieve ourselves when we forget the truth about ourselves that we are sinners to the core. When good Job in his best moment he tells God, "You answer me...!" What a way to address God, "You answer me...!" Has a child of yours ever told you that? Now Job was righteous, God said so. But he was concerned about him because he, Job, was steeped up to heave, like Jerico, fortified with this self goodness. God invited the Devil, "Have you considered my servant Job, blameless in all his ways!" Now God wants to bless us. Blessed are the poor in spirit. When a subject said to Jesus, "Good Master what shall I do to inherit eternal life?" Jesus said to him, " NO ONE is good but God alone." Jesus honestly, truly made no exceptions, no not even righteous Job or whom ever you might admire or what church you go to. Or even I if I examine myself. No one is good but God alone. That is define declaration of truth revealed by God to us for us. In Matthew 7 it says, " Don't judge anyone and you won't be judged." You can read what it continues to say next. If I continue to do it I am a hypocrite. Yes I marvel at the sin of others, but when I look at myself in the mirror, I rejoice in the cross of Jesus. I recently got an offer for a cd on how to deal with sin in God's house. But to me it's like Jerico was to Joshua, the problem is fortified up to heaven. Because I can only parade the word of the testimony around sin Jerico, but I can't change them. Because only God grants repentance. 2Timothy. I didn't repent because I was a good person, for no one seeks after God. Paul. But the thought came to my God that my repentance would please him. I haven't taken down the door to my room, because I need to close it when I confess my sin to God everyday. But we do mourn for sin. We don't applaude it. In Ezequiel 8 God says to the angel with a pen, write down on the fore head of all my servant who mourn over the abominations that are committed in the city. And to another angel God said to him, destroy young and old those that do not have the mark...with the sword, do not have pity on any...Yes God does hate all the abomination that are commiteed in our house and city. We just mourn because we are so helpless in this respect. Only God can bring down the sin walls of Jerico. The only thing we are to do is to walk around it and not through it. God will end sin when we have walked seven times around it. Then the walls of sin Jerico will come crashing down never to rise again. Amen.

Kimberly Onions @aliveinhim ·

Amen my Brother for not being afraid to testify the truth that we all have fallen short and there is none, no not one without sin except our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...

And the Lord said The Truth shall set them free and we shall be free indeed!

An important fact is with God giving us free-will choice we must choose to accept Him and His word through Christ our Savior. Sadly many hear The Word and turn away for walking with God is not the easy way but the (right)ous way. Narrow is the gate and pathway strewn with many obsticles which leads to life and wide is the gate and pathway filled with sin-licious treats which leads to death.

I've made the choice to take the narrow rough road to everlasting life in Jesus Christ. His constant love smoothes the way. His word, grace and mercy guide and support me better than any GPS ever could and satisfy for eternity.

In His grip and grace,
Your Sister in Christ

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you for your comment. The narrow gate is hard and few find it. But once God set's his heart on you. Nothing is the same anymore. I'm just tickled that you have an ear and eye for my blog. I really ponder and pray who God want to reach with my words. Sometimes I don't understand them until after I write them. But It is not about me but God and those who want to listen to him. May you and them be blessed forever and ever. Amen.

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