The Indignation, the sin, and the consequence..

In the continuing saga of my story, who can but marvel at the severity of God and his Word. In Proverbs 5:3 it starts, "The lips of an adultereress drip with honey and her mouth is sweet as oil, but in the end she is bitter as wormwood, as sharp as two-edged sword...8, keep your way far from her, approach not the door of her house, Lest you give your honor to others, and your years to merciless one; Lest strangers have their fill of you wealth, your hard-won earnings go to an alien's house; And you groan in the end, when your flesh and your body are consumed;".When I became sick, my mother volunteered to be my legal-guardian. She left my father's house and we went to live and commune together. At first thought I was thankful that my mother had helped me. But later when I was better, I began to realize that I was working for my father in a merciless manner. He had a deep hurt that I've had taken his woman from his side. He had to feed himself. Wash his own clothes. Iron his own shirts. Pack his own lunch. And paid a dear prize of being lonely with out his wife at his side.His indignation must of been very great. Everybody would ask him, "Where's such and such, your wife?" He probably though the had married a lie. My mother did not enjoy living with my father, but nevertheless I had sinned inadvertantly by taking his companion from his side. The Lord made sure that my father would be avenged. He would not suffer me to have a soft drink after a long day's work. I never received a single cent from him for my service. According to God's word.Though I had no lack, but now his indignation became mine. I'm just sorry for my father that the Lord had to do this work  through him. Working for him was sheer misery and I couldn't escape. The Lord had a meticulous snare that I just had to keep working in that enviroment. It was shameful for me to be out in public with my mother at the expense to my father. It wasn't until I prayed constantly to the Lord that he revealed this phenomenon. I confessed to Lord that I was now aware, that my worship of other gods had taken their toll. I confessed that I was sorry for being so blind. My virtual 'adultery' had not gone unnoticed by the Lord.I just marvel how everything happened according to God's word. The Lord warned me that I would become a by-word and a curse if I worshipped other gods, and I became a sheer shame. Then I gave all my hard-earned benefits to a  merciless person, even one in your own family. All according to God's word. I know it happened to me. To be continued. Amen.

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