The kindest Mercies of God...!

I was laying prostrate on the tile floor looking on my back looking up to the ceiling. I said to God, "Dear God, this what has become of your servant. If you have any pity on me, this is the time to tell me where I made the wrong turn..." I turned to humble myself before God and confess my sins and transgrasessions and wrong thoughts and bad mistakes and sour decisions. There was a freind in front of me, calliing to me in heart, and I just went along my way. Why I said to God, I'm only here to devulge the truth!... I gave up blogging for a time, I couldn't do it anymore. I decided to visit others and what, and listen to what it is important to them. I still took it trivially. A comment here and there. I felt so afflicted that the spirit, I felt was not with me to think. And in God grace that's when I began to take my bottom dollar physically and spirtitually. God said to me in heart, "You won't get well until some prays for you...!" And in my predicament, I lamented who would pray for me. I know they are really always praying for me...but the Lord wanted someone to really PRAY for me...! Then out of habit I logged in to see if...I don't know to see if my blogs were still there or something! And then about 1:00 PM I began to feel better and better and everything began to become clear. I receive two freinds invitiations. I don't know how much time they, the Lord was wishing us to come closer together as the end draws near...They both need something from me. I couldn't see it then. But how I needed them. The Lord said to me, "No, see you don't be neglecting you freinds when they spell out their needs to you, because I am holy..." Thank you for your prayers and forgiveness. I made anew. I hope what I say somewhat is a call for anyone not to be neglecting their freinds when they spell out their need or lay open their lives on what they write on their blogs. Finishing all this I reminded of what the Lord told me, the cripple at he pool of Silaom, "Do you want to get well...?" and "...See that you stop sinning or else something worse can come upon you...! O how glad I'm to bring you this news...! thbg

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