The lost things...!

We pick up our bible and take up the account where Jesus goes to the leafy fig tree and finds nothing. That upset him. Why would God get upset about finding no figs when it wasn’t even the season for figs…? Do we ask our kids for things when it is not the season to do so? But I wonder what that means? Then Jesus takes on to clear and clean the temple. And I would think that is always in season for God to reminds us of the clutter taking on in our Life and how we need to clean up our act. Back to our children. It’s always the season to pray for our children, because we are always mindful of them, no matter how little or grown up and gone away they are! In Luke 14 Jesus tell the parable of asking what one do if one of our loved children happen to fall in mishap in the Sabbath? The Jews love nothing more than the Sabbath. Perhaps that’s why he posed them that question… And how about us, if one of our little one is in travail and need, would we not take out the best china and put on the best party when he or she returns home from being at large and astray? This passage is for us to remember how much God loves us and would not have us go astray or be at large, lost in some jungle or darkness. What would God do, if that happened to us? What hasn’t he done, but spare not his own son for us? But likewise God wants us to be mindful of those that are lost and at large in some dark jungle unable to find their way out. And God says that he will light a lamp and look and sweep until he searches every cranny for his lost… But how about us? Are we with him on this? Do we really understand what is stake here and for eternity? God want so much to share his heart for us. The lost sheep, the lost son and or the lost coin. Find the lost, lost, lost, it’s so simple… thbg

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