The man worshippers of Lystra and Derbe...!

We've done a study of this before, but let's re-visit the man worshipper of Lystra and Derbe. It happens when Paul fled the mind poisoners of Icononium the he and Barnabas came to Lystra and Derbe and then there they heal a man who had been crippled at the feet. And those there thought that was wonderful so they started to cut bulls in half for them and have a party for them. But Paul, meek would not have it. I wonder if we could of stopped a convention in our honor? But they did and Paul reasured them that they were not God but men of flesh and bone like them. But let's take up this issue of man worship. Your idol in your life? Who is its really when Jesus is out of the way. Who sways your path and or bends your opinion of what you know is right? Perhaps your husband? Your wife? Your kid? Your father or mother? I know, your coach or PE teacher? But what does it matter? Or should it matter? Or has it really appear to matter? What TV commercial makes you forget, thou shall not covet? Now where is these all going? Are we dusting a rug to much stepped on? But what is the amount of steel reinforment on our values? Have we really any values we have defended in the last 24 hours? It is usually the case we've asked God to forgive us for our weak moment! How do we really stand with God and the obedience business? Do we obey any commandment to letter at all? But what about Paul when he pleaded with God about a thorn in his flesh or his flesh being a thorn to him. The Greek has play on words and can be read in two ways. What a disaster is the flesh! I hate the flesh! Sometimes I hate myself! Who can deliver me from this self worship, man worship of myself and my hungry covetous heart? Jesus has our number on this, no one has ever been able to tame the flesh. We, get on your knees flesh and ask God for forgiveness. You know what Hebrews says, that if willfully sin when we know what we are doing, the cross does not cover our sin anymore. We willfully turn from God in the knowledge of the truth... But God, wonderful God has made it a way we can forgive others and in the same way be forgiven. Ephesians 4:32. If you forgive mens sins, likewise you will be forgiven you, no matter what I done. This is God sure assurance from heaven. The fact of the matter is that the foot washing ceremony is as real as the broken break and chalis of wine. If we don't learn to forgive other the broken bread and sipped wine has no real value, because we haven't learned the most important to get along with others...We shouldn't fool ourselves in this area...God takes harvored resentment seriously and we should not let the sun go down on our wrath...May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

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No, this is no the gospel according to your local chapel, or radio preaching annoucer. The bible runs on hubs like wheels do. Remember when Ezequiel saw the glory of God and he watched the wheels turn? Well the fact that we are sinner and need to forgive our fellows who do like-wise, worse or less. But that is the hub of the cross, that we forgive others like we've by God in Jesus.

Current Religion is building a tower to 'obediece'. And it would seem like that is good. And why not? I, we want to obey God! To obey God and belive him is the wisest turn we can make. But somewhere along the way we can make a mistake where we think we have killed and buried the flesh! The flesh does not obey and can never obey God out of its own whim. And the sad part is that we are made of 80% flesh who does not summit to God.

But God through the Holy Spirit has allowed us to have simpathy for the weak and remember we are flesh and bone like any worsth subject you, I have ever met. I promise you that you will never defeat the flesh until you have forgiven everyone who has a grudge against you and or you against them. Paul admonishes us to be sober in our walk and self accessment and with humbleness approach God.

Remember the Parable to the subject who was forgiven much and then who could not forgive someone who owe him less. He and his family went to jail and God promised he would not get out until he paid the last mite. So we must be weary of this forgiving business. We will never run out people we need to forgive. And God says that by this will all men know that you, I, we are his decipiles if we have love for one another...

Yes we love the truth, but how sober are we about how we stand we ourselves came short of God glorious Glory...May you have a good morning and day. Amen.


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So how is this wonderful Monday! It is wonderful indeed! The misunderstanding can come if we think we have something about the knowledge of the truth. And we surely don't. One of the most wonderful things that has happened to man is the written word of God. How lucky we are indeed! But God reveals the situation with our sins and our sinful nature. No one is going to get ahead of the flock until the least of us get there first.

Not a desirable coconut-cream pie? Why were are holy and obedient, aren't we? But that do not impress God who is forever holy and pure. This topic is not for raising ratings. But a real situation we must face when we assess our walk with God. Our real walk with God. What we really think about, when the bible is closed. Or when we want to quit on God. Or when we loose our temper or stumble big time!

It's time to make an honest, sober assesment of what really makes us tick. The cross is a cross-road, an interchange if you will, where something is coming and something is going. I hope that our pride is what is going and real holiness coming, with a people who really understand that Jesus mean business in what he says, then we are believers. May you be blessed. Amen.


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So where did the built up idea that we are holy go? It went because holiness is not something that can be built, but is a gift from God. Modern Religion is gear to make us feel holy like a ballon in the air, fly away into the clouds and dream land. And we tempering with the truth based on misconceptions. The fact and glory of the cross is that it covers us for eternity. We will never be able to stumble in eternity with the cross.

We are brought down to the real truth about man and how God is really ingenious in making us weak and vulnerable. As long as we are weak God has to give us a hand and that what Jesus has done in the cross, given us a hand to lift us up and not an applause! There's real blessing in becoming like a little child! Yes it's frightening to us who want to control everything. Secular Humanism is based on man in control and in his 'goodness'...

But know this that real growth comes with being understanding and knowing our limits. Then we begin to understand Adam and Eve and why the hurt in this world. The fact of the matter that all things march to the drum of Gods grace. God can allow certain 'freedom'. He can create wonderful mountains and plateaus of rolling grass land to enchant us and help us think clearly.

For surely God, Jesus said himself, I am also Lord of the Sabbath, the rest we need to with him and never be alone anymore. No more loneliness and boredom. God can create streams in the desert and bring water out of a rock or rail quail if we hunger for it. But we have know the truth why he made us weak. So we could always to turn to him- God for answers. God is tired of self-contrived answers that do not work.

He had to do it this way, because God know the flesh will never call on God. So tonite if you hear his voice, call on him, it may be the call of your life! May you be blessed. Amen.


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