The Moat, Maze and the Library...

As we fast-foward in our book, we had to because it had a moat in it. We didn't want to sink in the quick-sand. Our book also had Maze. The maze was the amazing stories this story tells. And our book also the was a library. So our book is filled with wisdom to harvest. It just could be just talking about the bible. The bible can quick-sand if approached without a prayerful thought. You can sink quickly and get lost in the darkness. But how can this be the bible is a book of light? And like we said the book is A-mazing in content. What it reveals are secrets held secret since before the beginning of time. We already said the bible is a porthole through time and a book which addresses all ages and times and seasons, it endures forever. The manor of this book is built on the foundation of wisdom and discretion. This Manor will stand the perils of passing time. Generations come and go and the message stands for ever. And in this book there a library. The Manor with a moat, maze garden and like we've said a library. The library is more a protection than the moat itself. It sound like a castle with a moat. But knowledge avails much more than weapons of war. This advantage is what the wise have over those who trust in themselves and their own strength. The Manor has beauty and comely to entreat and so is this book called the bible. This mysterious book, you don't know wether to keep it on a shelf or the refrigerator because of its milk and honey. It has everything and every answer to every question and reveals the path to eternalness and total blessing and bliss. Surely there are tears along the way and disquieting moments, but him who wrote it has put his stamp on it to bring eternal glory to those who make it through the Maze, the Moat and the Library- Yes, the Bible. May you have a good day and night. Amen. "And there was a man who built his Manor on my teachings and the winds came and flooded this house but it stood because it was founded on a Rock..." -Jesus. thbg

Albert Bunyea @bubbavela ·

You are suppose to keep it in your heart, and Praise God that He has made you a rock on which He has given your home foundation.

Praise God,

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you for your kind comments. It really interest me what someone thinks about the subject. I usually pray before every subject. I pray it's God subject, God want to explore. And its a curious thing that Glorious God can lead me in picture of everyday life and still invite a conversation with God about what we comtemplate from everyday life and thing we would think are common occurences. May you be blessed and thanks again. Amen.


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