The new socialite!!!...

What is more important? Being social or saving lives???... I had the kindest social moment with a freind!!! And I wanted to work in being unstressed and easy for a moment!!! And I took to loosing weight!!! Walking around the neighborhood trying honestly to change my life!!! And I thought that was wonderful!!!... And around the regular moment I felt that we preaching the gospel was fine but we I felt satified!!! And my friend come to my house, she had forgotten her purse in the living room!!! And she had gotten off work and was well tired and not too enthusiastic at my new life I had taken!!!... And around time to create a message, I discovered in the Lord, who know all the secrets of men, that I was offended at the life the Lord had given me!!! And though less of the important task of saving lives!!! He was not charmed with my new social life!!!... And I thought about it and decide quickly to apologize to my Lord!!! I was thoughtless of terror pending on some awaiting damnation!!! And I thought how my new care took care of me!!! But I was not at all with what my heart told me about those who need to hear about Jesus!!!... And the thought was and is that while I worked out and walked and tried to be religious and think about something to write in while I walked around the block!!!... And you know I had the nicest time walking it out and I think that is wonderful to work out!!! But what was not wonderful is that I had picked conveniently to do that because I felt weary and offended!!! And that was not good!!!... Turn to Matthew 24, ["...10And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another..."] I had begun to hate the task the Lord had given me!!! I had begun to forget what is the most important task for the Lord at this moment!!! Preach the gospel!!!... I had begun to doubt the Lord and his warning to turn from my wicked ways and accept Jesus!!! May you be blessed. Amen. just-for-fun ...thbg


Sometimes it helps to loosen up and have some fun... yes, the Lord promises us abundant life - abundant includes a good time in Him. We can relax in the Presence of the Lord and know that everything including our lives are in His control and all things will work out according to His plan for our good. Praise the Lord.


Kathryn Heinzen @kat33393 ·

Being social does save lives. I can't understand completely what is good and bad in your blog, but just remember that being social is saving lives. In smiling at someone, you can make her day, and she'll pass the smile on to someone else, and so on and so forth. Some people need a smile to survive, they need to have friends to survive. A German king commanded that babies only have basic needs met, food and changing so he could see what language they would learn, and not one baby survived. People who are socialy isolate are 2 to 3 times to die prematurely in life.

If I am not understanding your point of your blog, perhaps you can enlighten me. It is hard to read when every sentance is ended with exclamations, but I think your organization doesn't make sense to me that well... (gotta love ex-English majors sorry!) But I agree with the person commenting first... just loosen up a bit, if the people you socialize with aren't making you happy, then you can always take a break, or even just find someone else. Don't live for people who make you hate socializing. No one should be bitter in doing the Lord's work, if you are bitter, then you aren't following the instructions right.

Don't know if this helped, but peace!

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you ptl and Kat for your comments. And I couldn't agree with you more: Depressed People don't preach the gospel!!! You won't believe it but I'm glad really that you both defend being social!!! And as you perhaps notice in all my blogs, it's a conversation going on with you and telling you all about me how really human I am!!!...

I'm sorry for the F in grammar!!! Thank you for being candid with me both of you!!! I really treasure a sincere remark even if it is to correct!!! And I'm refreshed by your hospitality of both of you!!! And the point perhaps not to well developed is that I was runnig away from something important I had to do for someone...

And I perhaps though I could hide in this not endeveour to absorve myself socially and tune away the fact that I felt I had something more important to do!!! And I can't top the important of your comments to relax and unwind and be social to people and greet them, and like Kat says, sometime the greeting we give is the only one someone had in a long time...

Totally confused!!! Good!!! You keep smiling and greeting people and I will do the same, but pray that when it is time to study God word I don't put if off and do it cheerfully and the most social manner, in a way you both would as you greet someone who passed down the street by your way!!!...

Thanks so much for this both comments!!!


Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

thank you for this blog my brother. just reminded me what i learned about jesus from the bible. he was about relationships, didnt belong to a yacht club, 4h club, auto club or some other"organization". he was a "people person and lead by be honest there are more non christians on my job and they are alot more fun to be around than"religious/snooty throwing bible verses at you people.. morale of the story, let's all lighten up and live.. be blessed

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you 'iraqivetsgtret' for your also candid contribution of something nice to this go around. And be kind and freindly and polite well I hope I'm that way with people. But I need to work at and don't let the me get ahead of he agenda!!! If we had more love, wouldn't that be wonderful!!! Thank you for dropping by on this blog!!!...



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