The Real Gist of those who think the Cross is lacking in Power!...

And one perception in the mind of the world even those who invoke the name of Christ, is that the gospel is weak! A helpless god unable to deal with the lepricons of bad luck and a weak person lame on the cross, or some woman adored for having a low cast piuos look! And certainly the devil argues that is why the God of the Universe cannot be trusted!... And we go on to proclaim some sort of devotion, but we really wonder if God can really control Nature and our aon Lepricon nature!... And we feel are in the wood or forest exposed to the temtation of the pansies and mischief of the lepricons! And sluggish gnomes so slow and boring! Who can think God is something that,...or some one who can stimulate the mind, nurish the soul and be medicine to the body?!... And this is all rooted that God cannot control creation and that God has lost its wits and grasp of destiny en' even our own!... And everytime there is disaster we say,...why do bad thing happen to 'good' people even innocent children?!... And really we don't like to retain God in our knowledge and contrive every excuse to nuture the doubt on God!... And why does God does nto answer our prayers on our terms?!... Love-Frank-thbg

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