The Sermon on the Mount...!!!

The Sermon on the Mount... I turned in to a community college library and checked out a public computer and got giant referece bible there and open it to I think Matthew 5, to the Sermon on the Mount. And it must of been wonderful to hear Jesus preach something that would put us in a mountain, the high places of the world!!!... And I particular want to look at "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy..." And how wonderful that is to hear, that there is a blessing in being kind to others and thoughtful of those who have less or unfortuntate in some way life has treated us and maybe you!!!... And certainly in our secular society we want to be number one in all things, school, job, family, and even in our relationship, there a tug of war and to who calls the shots in all this different places!!!... And taking a second chair in the band is just not enough!!! We are bored with second places!!! We want first, first, first!!!... And this is a mistake because life doesn't open doors on the first knock and the gueese don't come on the first call and a son or daughter doesn't get the message the first time you warn him or her about something they should know!!!... And this is about making mistakes!!! God why do we have to make mistakes!!! Your could of made us perfect in judgement at all times!!! Why??? Why??? Why!!!... And certainly God did not make a mistake that we have to pray and work hard to obtain something in life worth having!!! How will we appreaciate something God did not let you think about a little before the victory???... And certainly is life all about winning all the time??? What happened to working with the system a little and learning to work in a team??? In some places if you don't know team-work you don't get the job, no matter how much you know!!!... And even those like we think they are less, know that thoughful, courteous people are in high demand!!! With those things our mom and dad taught us when we were young!!!... How life comes back to you!!! So let us be thoughtful and take a extra mile and count to ten twice or three times before doing or saying something rash that we will regret endlessly... And indeed blessed are the merciful for they will obtain mercy, they will in the end be kind and good to themselves for taking as second look and bring forward the right response to difficult situtions... I hope I remember to be merciful!!!... just-for-fun ...thbg

Anita Sorensen @2gvhmpraz ·

Very good points Frank!!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you 2G and ptl for your kind comments on this message. And sometimes some situations are a trial of faith! And plt you are right, we are the ones who need more mercy more often than we perhaps we have for others that we think are simply unfair to us! And especially in this end time we need to be more like Christ and forgiving of all the offences that will come...

And I'm persuaded to believe, that the aim of these offenses are to come to a point to be disappointed at God and doubt his love. Matthew 24 says that so much wickedness should prevail that the love of many would just snuff off like a candle! And we begin to doubt God, Christ and his message!...

And what a wonderful practical time to give of love and mercy in this time of being so offended all the time and a time when we need to preach the gospel the most, and when the Devil knows his time is short and needs people to recieve his message to completely give up on God! And that can happen to us as well if we are not careful!...

And it will be a time for the thing to do is just to overlook offenses and be merciful and forgiving, and thus defeating the devil and his ploy to have us give up on what Jesus teached us in the Sermon on the Mount, that is to be merciful...

May you be blessed. Amen.


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